Social Discovery

A significant portion of the enjoyment of study abroad are the people that you meet while exploring another country. Whether it be the locals inviting you to a BBQ or a group of other study abroad students from various locations taking off for a weekend of exploration, you are guaranteed to make new friends and expand your social network. You may even meet your future spouse (we've seen it happen!) while abroad. Shared experiences while abroad bring you closer to those you are with and extended time together gives you the opportunity to really get to know people well.

No matter if you go abroad with a friend you already have or you go alone, from the moment you step off the plane, you will meet other people who will heighten your experience abroad. The social aspect of your discovery is key to your enjoyment but also lends to your personal and cultural discovery as well.


How GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Enhances Your Social Discovery Prior to your Departure 

Prior to departure, your coordinator will invite you to participate in a Facebook group exclusive to your time and location abroad. This gives you a chance to "meet" the other students who will be abroad with you while also introducing you to our on-site staff. Many of our programs also have group flights where students will be able to actually meet during the journey overseas and get to know each other a bit prior to landing abroad.


Sample Scheduled Activities Which Enhance Social Discovery  

Because every scheduled activity involves some more than one person, they can all technically be considered social in theory, however some of our activities are geared to just getting together and enjoying one another's company. For instance:

  • During the Bridging Cultures Programs we have group dinners and excursions where you will have plenty of time to just interact with other participants.
  • Students will be invited to come to a sporting event or get together in a local park or public area.
  • Invitations to art shows, local festivals, firework shows, parades, charity runs, and other events happening in their host city are communicated to students by resident staff.
  • Information is provided to students about trips and travel opportunities available to them.
  • At the end of the program, we will sponsor a farewell get-together so that students can reconvene a few days before leaving the country.


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What is Social Discovery?

  • Meeting locals
  • Meeting other study abroad students
  • Exploring differences and similarities with others
  • Joining different campus clubs and societies
  • Participating in karaoke
  • Learning local greetings such as bowing (in China or Japan) or Wai (how Thai people greet each other)
  • Experiencing the local nightlife
  • Enjoying community meals in your pre-arranged housing
  • Traveling with other study abroad students
  • Joining the school choir 
  • Volunteering in a local organization
  • Skyping with friends back home
  • Joining in a trivia night on campus or at a local establishment
  • Blogging
  • Going to concerts and festivals
  • BBQ with the locals
  • Go home for the weekend with one of your local friends (to their parent's house)