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Monash University

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GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, formerly known as AustraLearn, offers degree programs at Monash University. Monash University is Australia’s largest and most international university. It has six campuses located in and around Melbourne, a city famed for its quality of life, and offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate studies which can be taken as semester abroad or full degree programs.
Monash actively recruits talented staff from around the world to maintain an excellent standard of teaching and research. With over 60,000 students, Monash’s footprint extends across the globe with two dedicated overseas campuses located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Monash South Africa in Johannesburg. It also has a presence in Europe with a centre in Prato, Italy and partnerships with institutions in China and India. This bold international approach is instilled into the culture and approach of Monash. Students are encouraged to travel and study at an overseas campus to look at issues from a global perspective and gain an education where borders have no boundaries.
Likewise, students from over 100 countries across the globe study at Monash University and contribute to the rich tapestry of student life. Study programs allow students from abroad to develop personally and to balance academic rigor with life experience. The Monash Abroad office provides a comprehensive support network to assist study abroad students with integrating into campus life, enabling you to focus on your academic and social opportunities. As a full degree student, Monash provides a comprehensive range of facilities and support services to ensure your academic opportunity is maximised.
Students are encouraged to integrate into university life, to make Australian friends, and to understand more of the local Melbourne culture and its context within the Asia-Pacific region. Your time at Monash University will provide both quality education and memorable life experiences.

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