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Study Abroad in Spain with ISA GlobaLinks

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is excited to announce even more Spain program options through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA).

ISA established its first study abroad program in Salamanca, Spain in 1987 and currently offers study abroad programs in 9 cities and at 15 universities throughout Spain. 

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs in Spain through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA) in the following cities:



Spain is filled with hundreds of glittering beaches; flamenco dancers swirl in flounces of color; and bullfighters strut their stuff in the bullrings. Summer holidaymakers gather around great pans of steaming paella (at its tasty best in Valencia) and pitchers of sangria.

Beyond these clichéd images, a vast, unexpected panorama unfolds before you. Emerald green mountains seem to slide into the wild blue Atlantic in the north. Proud, solitary castles and medieval towns are strewn across the interior. White villages glitter in inland Andalucía. Rugged mountain ranges such as the Sierra Nevada (Europe’s most southerly ski resort) are draped across the country.

From its Roman relics to Muslim palaces, from baroque cathedrals and Modernista constructions, the country is a treasure chest of artistic and architectural marvels across a matchless cultural palette. More than 30 years of democracy and rapid economic development have spurred Spain’s cities to adorn themselves with sparkling new ornaments. An army of local and international architects has left a slew of daring signature buildings in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Madrid, to name a few.

Up and down the country a zest for life creates an intense, hedonistic vibe in its effervescent cities. Indeed, if there is one thing Spaniards love, it is to eat, drink, and be merry.



Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain with ISA GlobaLinks

  • Improve your Spanish language skills
  • Study in a bustling metropolis like Barcelona or Madrid, a smaller college town like Salamanca, or the quintessential Spanish city of Sevilla.
  • Take in the unique and impressive art, music, architecture, culture, and food.
  • Modern Spain is growing quickly. Since joining the European Union, the country has grown to new levels of heightened industry, education and enterprise.



Top 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Spain


By: Gabe Schirm
Gabe Schirm works as an Sr. International Program Specialist at GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

As an American who has recently returned from living in Spain for two years I have made many mistakes and learned from them throughout my adventures. Here are some things you should know before you study abroad in Spain!

#10 – Military Time – This seems like a small thing but this is the standard in Spain so refresh those skills so you are not (too) late for tapas at 2100.

Read more.





 Why study abroad in Spain? Find out!






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