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                       Study Abroad for a Semester or Year

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Why a Semester/Year Abroad?

Semester abroad and year abroad programs provide the greatest flexibility for fulfilling degree requirements while allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your host country. You will enroll directly into the university of your choice, select classes from a broad range of subjects, study alongside local students, live on or near campus, and have the freedom to participate in clubs or activities of interest.

Upon approval of the home university, credits may be transferred back towards degree requirements, and financial aid may be applied to any of our semester abroad programs. 

GlobaLinks offers study abroad scholarships, funding information, travel opportunities, and alumni resources.

How We are Different

The Discovery Model: A Focus on You as an Individual

The Discovery Model is the framework our staff uses to give you personalized program recommendations based on your goals and interest in five key areas: personal, academic, cultural, social and career. Our focus is to provide programs and services with your individual goals in mind so that you can get more out of your experience.  


More than 20 Years of Experience

We began in 1989 as AustraLearn, and now have more than 20 years of experience and over 25,000 satisfied alumni. We are a trusted partner to hundreds of universities and work hard to provide a wide variety of quality programs, strong on-site support, and personalized attention.

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Bridging Cultures Program

Once abroad, our in-country staff lead students on a on a multi-day Bridging Cultures Program to ease the transition and accelerate exposure to the host country. Throughout the program, the in-country staff in your host city will plan additional excursions and suggest individual activities that you can participate in during your program. These activities cannot be found in a guide book, as they are sourced through the local knowledge of our resident coordinators. 



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