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Study Abroad in Italy with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is excited to announce even more Italy program options through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA).

Study Abroad in Italy

What’s not to love about Italy? It is easily one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Its colorful culture, famous cuisine, charming language, rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and extraordinary architecture attract students from all over the world to study and explore this marvelous country.

Because of its geographical position, Italy has direct contacts with the main ethnic and cultural areas of old Europe (neo-Latin, Germanic, and Slav-Balkan areas) as well as, through North-African countries, with the world of Arab-Islamic civilization. Consequently, while still anchored in the European and Western civilization, Italy can be considered a natural link to those African and Asian countries which, bordering as they do on the same Mediterranean Sea, have shared historical events and cultural influences over many centuries.



Programs Available:


Please note: when you click on the Semester & Year Abroad button, you will be re-directed to our partner International Studies Abroad's website. They will be accepting all semester and year applications for UCC.          





Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

  • Italians are revered for their warm, welcoming personalities. The national passion for good food and good conversation in Italy is legendary.
  • Italy’s culture is deeply rooted in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and traditions. This heritage is evident today in the art, legal system, and many traditions in Italian society.
  • Fashion and appearance are a matter of personal pride in Italy for both men and women.
  • 60% of the world’s art heritage is located in Italy.
  • Italy consistently ranks among the top three destinations of study abroad programs. 



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