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Study Abroad in England with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is excited to announce even more England program options through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA).

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs in England through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA) in the following cities:

Study Abroad in England

England is one of the most well-known countries in the world and is consistently the most popular study abroad destination among college students. The reasons why are endless… Its compact size makes exploring the country on the weekends easy and affordable. Its historical legacy reveals itself in nearly every city, town, and village. Its infamous collection of authors, poets, playwrights, artists, musicians, and politicians bring familiarity to the English culture and lifestyle. It’s an ideal location for cultural integration, personal exploration, and planting the seed for international travel.



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Bridging Cultures Program in England


The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Orientation is our signature program for all semester and year abroad students. The cost for this multi-day program is included in your program fees. Each orientation program includes exciting activities, such as:

  • Attending a play or musical in the West End.
  • Touring Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London.
  • Orientation sessions to help you adapt to England.



Top Reasons to Study Abroad in England


  • England is one of the world’s most prominent countries in global politics and international news. Much of the world relies heavily on England’s media resources, mainly the BBC — the largest broadcasting corporation in the world.
  • It is easy to navigate around compact England, which gives you time to get chummy with the locals.
  • England has a long, rich history that has given the English an amazing sense of national pride, which is evident in their daily lives.
  • England houses some of the most amazing music venues in the world. 
  • There is a surplus of outdoor activities for people of all ages and ability, which gives travelers the opportunity to truly explore the beautiful landscape.

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