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Study in South Korea with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad



Study Abroad in South Korea

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs in South Korea through our partner International Studies Abroad.

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Korea has a 5,000 year history, with the first capital city (named Joseon, meaning Land of the Morning Calm) created in 2333 b.c. For five millennia, Korea has withstood the influences and invasions of neighboring countries and preserved its heritage, language, and ethnic homogeneity. Throughout its history, Korea has excelled in science and technological advances, developing the world’s most scientific alphabet, the world’s first ironclad warship, the first metal typeset book, and the first udometer. The people of Korea are also great lovers of nature, and in a country so green and mountainous, many Koreans enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.



Due to Korea’s location between the great imperial powers of the Orient, it has been subjected to invasions throughout its history by warring nations of China, Manchuria, and Japan. Despite conflicts and differences with their northern counterparts, South Korea has experienced one of the fastest rates of economic development in the world. In just 40 years, the nation has rebuilt itself from the devastation of war and has become one of the leading economies in Asia, behind Japan and China.

South Korea is one of the world’s most technologically and scientifically advanced countries with companies like Samsung and LG serving as global leaders in electronics, digital displays, semiconductor devices, mobile phones, and high-tech gadgets. South Korea has the world’s third largest steel producer, POSCO, and is a global leader in automobile manufacturing, led by Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.


Top Reasons to Study in South Korea


  • Korean information and communication technology is one of the best in the world while Korea is also at the forefront of many other important global industries.
  • Natural beauty, four distinct seasons, and diverse scenery in a small country allows for some great weekend exploring.
  • Korea’s rich historical tapestry will fascinate you, and many elements of the past have been preserved in modern culture.
  • As the only divided country in the world, Korea has become important economically, diplomatically, and strategically among China, Russia, Japan, and America.



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