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Study Abroad in France with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs in France through our partner International Studies Abroad.

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The Republic of France is one of the most modern countries in the world, while also home to some of Europe’s most impressive historical treasures and is one of the leading European nations. From a multitude of stunning cathedrals and castles to gorgeous coastline and mountain vistas, France offers an exciting infusion of alluring antiquity and natural splendor. France is commonly known for its contributions to the cultural arts through painting, cinema, music and architecture. The annual Cannes Film Festival is a must for all film professionals. Historical sites are abundant from the nations long and sometimes turbulent past. Whether visiting the beaches of Normandy or ancient monasteries, you will find fascination and knowledge at every turn.

France today is a vibrantly modern nation, abundant with diverse cultures and landscapes. And with mouth-watering French cuisine, you will not want to leave this captivating country… that is, not until you realize that you are only a short distance away from fascinating destinations such as London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. France truly is the ideal destination for a study abroad program.


Study Abroad in the Heart of Europe!



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 Top Reasons to Study Abroad in France


1. Study in a country known for its high caliber educational institutions, art, culture, and architecture.

2. Explore the land of gourmet food, of royal chateaux and perfectly restored farmhouses, of landmarks known the world over and hidden landscapes few really know
Improve your French language skills.

3. Enjoy Lille’s lower cost of living than Paris while still having the convenience to travel to major European cities.

4. Step back into time exploring Northern France’s historic battlefields or travel south to bask in the sun on a Mediterranean beach like Nice.









What's it like to Study Abroad at Lille Catholic University in France? Find out!



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