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GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarships and Other Study Abroad Scholarship Resources



GlobaLinks Learning Abroad strives to offer the most reasonable study abroad fees. To further enhance the affordability of the programs, GlobaLinks encourages students to apply for scholarships through all available scholarship sources .To be eligible for consideration for a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad scholarship, you will be required to fill out a full scholarship application (only available upon acceptance to a program) by the required deadline. Scholarship decisions are made by a committee, and not all students receive an award. 

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad  Scholarships

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers numerous study abroad scholarship awards exclusive to participants of our study abroad programs. An additional scholarship application is required and will be made available to all eligible participants upon acceptance to their programs.

Study Abroad Scholarship Resources

Study abroad scholarships exist through a variety of other sources, including:


Degree Program Scholarships


Why Go Abroad with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad? 


 Don't Just Take Our Word, Hear it from Our Students!

“I decided to apply to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad because I wanted to choose an institution that would allow me to reach my full potential. My university recommended this program and many students that have traveled through GlobaLinks have said that this program gave them everything they expected and more."

--Eilie Cole
William Woods University 
Tropical Marine Ecology of Australia's East Coast
Summer 2014

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