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Study Abroad in Wales with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Study Abroad in Wales through GlobaLinks 

Wales is a small country with a lot to offer. It boasts a fascinating blend of history and new-world sophistication, charm and innovation, adventure and serenity. The country’s motto, “Wales Forever”, represents the enduring spirit that can be felt in any city, town, and village. And while Wales is still experiencing less economic success than the rest of the United Kingdom, its persistent nature guarantees they will not be left behind. Capitalizing on its pristine environment, its hopeful outlook, and its renewed sense of national pride and identity, Wales will continue to rise up against the odds.



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Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Wales

  • Wales’ small size makes it easy to explore… spend your weekends hiking through national parks, trying a new adventure sport, meandering through rural villages, or jaunting around mystical castles and ancient cathedrals.
  • Welsh pride is stronger than ever… from art and film to the economy and politics, all aspects of life are experiencing a refreshing and rejuvenating spirit.
  • History is alive through myths, legends, and stories, yet Wales today is a vibrant and progressive nation looking to embrace new industries and cultural expressions.
  • Locals are friendly and love to chat. Most likely a few will be excited to invite you to join them for a rugby match, concert, or journey through the outdoors.
  • Adventure is everywhere! From rock climbing and mountain biking to surfing, diving, and kayaking, you can do it all in Wales. Be sure to try coasteering for a whole new adventure.


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