Information for U.S. High School Advisors


Do your students want to gain international experience?

Broaden their horizons with the option of obtaining a degree abroad

As an advisor of high school students, you are often asked for assistance in helping your students pursue their tertiary academic goals. Did you know nearly all undergraduate degree programs can be pursued overseas, and there are numerous benefits for students obtaining a degree abroad:
  • Bachelor’s degrees are available in any field of study. Search for a degree>
  • Degrees earned are recognized throughout the world; many of our university partners are ranked within the top 500 worldwide, and eight are in the top 100. 
  • International experience makes students more marketable in the work field, giving them the perspective and experience they need to succeed.
  • A degree overseas can often cost less and take less time than a domestic degree.
  • Financial aid is available.

Foreign countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Ireland are growing in popularity as a university destination for U.S. high school students largely due to the high quality of education combined with affordable costs. And in today’s global workforce, firsthand international experience is a benefit on any graduate’s resume, whether they plan to start a career or continue on to graduate school. 

Representing over 30 highly reputable overseas universities, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad assists students with finding the right university and program, provides applications and prospectuses for the universities, and delivers a wide range of services to make sure students actually get there.

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How can GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Help You?

  • Like all college recruiters, we are available to visit your school, answer program and admissions information, and supply all admissions materials.
  • We function as an unbiased advisor helping students and their advisors in identifying universities and programs that best meet a student's needs.
  • Students and advisors can call or email at any point for assistance.
  • Completed applications are sent to the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad office, and once received in our office, our coordinators continue to assist students for the duration of the admissions and enrollment phases until the time they depart.
  • Students can apply for U.S. Financial Aid as well as receive assistance with accommodation, accepting an offer, immigration visas and travel.
  • GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and all universities offer in-country orientation programs and staff assistance to ensure all students transition successfully.
  • GlobaLinks Learning Abroad also builds customized short courses for faculty who want to take students overseas.


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