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Financial Planning

Financial planning for study abroad starts from the moment your student dreams of studying abroad. We are here to assist your student in his/her financial planning. Whether they need advice on transferring financial aid or finding scholarships, a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Coordinator will help them budget and plan for their experience. And, our full time finance and billing counselors will help transfer existing financial aid and scholarships to the programs and are on-call to help work out payment plans, credit card payments, and alternative loan options.   

Program Fees

We are committed to providing the very best educational experience without excessive added cost. Before your student chooses how to study abroad, he/she should review any program carefully to determine exactly what is included in the program fees. Click on the relevant links below to research the program fees and fee inclusions for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs:

Financial Aid

The U.S. Department of Education advises that the Perkins Loans, SSIG Grant Program, Pell Grants, FSEOG Grants, Stafford Loans, SLS Loans, PLUS Loans, and Consolidation Loans can be used for study abroad.

Financial aid for study abroad will come from the student's home university, not from GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. The current federal financial aid your student receives at his/her home university can be used to study abroad unless the home university has a specific policy that restricts the use of their aid. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will accept financial aid monies as payment, but the aid must be disbursed by the home college or university. Please contact the study abroad or financial aid office at the home university or college to see how much of the aid can be applied abroad. If your student does not currently receive financial aid or if you need the award amount increased to cover the program fees, then you will need to apply for it as soon as possible through the home university.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad can also help your student apply for alternative student loans from other sources outside of the government. Contact our office for more information.


GlobaLinks Learning Abroad strongly encourages students to apply for scholarships to help fund their study abroad experience. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers more than $400,000 a year in student scholarships through its partner 501(c)(3) called the Foundation for Global Scholars. All participants are eligible to apply for this additional aid, and each term over 100 students receive a monetary award of $1,000 or more to offset the cost of the programs. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs also has separate funding through partners like Qantas airlines, STA travel and university partners worldwide solely dedicated to the programs of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and our students.


Additional study abroad scholarships exist through a variety of sources, including:
  • student's home university study abroad office
  • student's academic department at your home university
  • other organizations (Institute for International Education, National Security Education Program, Phi Kappa Phi, etc.)
  • scholarship award search engines
  • local organizations (Rotary International, etc.)
Often, study abroad scholarship opportunities are specific to the destination. Additional scholarship information can be found by clicking here.  

Budgeting for Study Abroad

While helping your student plan to study abroad, it is important to consider all of the costs associated with living abroad for an extended period of time. Make a budget for study abroad>

Direct Bill Program

Many home universities require a specific billing process through their own institution. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad accommodates these requests through our Direct Bill Program. If your student attends a Direct Bill university, a notification will appear in their online portal and specific billing details will be provided. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the billing process for your student.