What Will You Discover with ISA / GlobaLinks?

Your study abroad experience is all about you! Although you may see some of the same sights or take some of the same classes as other students, only you can discover all that your experience has to offer. After all, only you can feel the excitement, experience the fun, and face the challenges that will shape you into an individual with a broader understanding of the world and yourself.

Ask any of your friends who have been abroad and they will tell you that you come back a changed person, but each individual changes in his or her own way.GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is here to help you reach your goals. The design of our programs, along with the support of our U.S. and overseas staff, offer you the unique advantage of discovering yourself in all the ways that you never imagined possible.


Personal Discovery

Your study or intern abroad experience will excite, challenge, and push you to learn more about yourself in the process. Students report increased confidence, greater self-dependence, and a broadened world perspective as only a few of the new traits that study abroad provided them. While you are abroad, you can pursue your favorite activities in new surroundings and explore new sports, hobbies, and travels that allow you to have a unique personal experience. MORE about how we enhance Personal Discovery>


Academic Discovery

Study abroad is first and foremost about your studies. We’ll assist you with class selection and encourage you to take classes you can’t take at home, utilize our academic support, and engage with professors in new ways. You are sure to deepen your understanding of your field of study. MORE about how we enhance Academic Discovery> 


Cultural Discovery

You’ll begin your cultural discovery prior to departure as you review your participant guide. Once abroad, we will introduce you to the local culture through the Bridging Cultures Programand invite you to various cultural events throughout the semester. Our planned activities are designed to expand your understanding of the culture while having fun and enjoying the company of other students. MORE about how we enhance cultural discovery>



Social Discovery

A large part of the enjoyment of study abroad is the friends that you meet. Not only do we connect you with other students prior to departure via Facebook groups, we will also give you several opportunities to get together throughout the semester with other study abroad students - starting with the Bridging Cultures Program and ending with an end-of-semester dinner. We will also provide you with opportunities to meet local sand interact in a variety of ways with the community. MORE about how we enhance social discovery>


Career Discovery

Our staff will provide you with a list of ideas for how to further your professional interests and goals while abroad, and upon your return, we will provide you with information through our Alumni Program on ways to apply your experience to your future career. MORE about how we enhance career discovery>


Our Staff

Studying abroad is a discovery of yourself and your surroundings, but you won’t be completely alone as you grow into this new experience. Throughout your adventure, you will be supported by a team of engaged U.S. and on-site coordinators who can assist you with finding the right balance of study and activities to make your study abroad experience one of a kind. These dedicated individuals are available 24-7 in case of emergency and will meet with you throughout the semester to provide the tools, challenges, advice, and support for achieving your study abroad goals.

Meet the Team>