Academic Discovery

Study abroad is first and foremost about your studies, and once you are abroad, you may find that your academic discovery takes you to new places you didn't expect. For instance, you may dive so deeply into your academic major, that you decide to finish your degree abroad or go back for graduate school. Or perhaps you pick up a new minor or learn a new language. Or maybe you discover that you really have a passion for an academic area that you hadn't yet explored. You might find a faculty member at your university abroad that really makes the subject area come to life or who you can utilize as a reference for graduate school.

While studying abroad, you have the option to take classes in your major and you can also choose classes that you can't get at home such as marine biology on the Great Barrier Reef, Thai language classes taught by native speakers, or Shakespeare with authentic Shakespearian actors. 

Whatever your academic area, you will find that studying abroad is an opportunity for academic discovery.


Prior To Departure - GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Enhances your Academic Discovery

We’ll assist you with class selection and encourage you to take classes you can’t take at home. Then we will walk you through the course credit approval process with your home institution, as well as the program abroad. Whether you are undertaking an internship for credit or a year abroad, we will make sure that you know how your academics will transfer back to your home university and that your courses are approved prior to departure.


Sample Scheduled Activities through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad which Enhance your Academic Discovery* 

Once abroad, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad resident staff organize scheduled activities which enhance your discovery. Here are a couple of sample activities from different regions of the world which we have run in the past that enhance your academic discovery:

Ganbu Tibetan fortress Touring - 2 day visit for students studying in Chengdu, China

Student can participate in an optional 2-day excursion to Ganbu Tibetan Fortress which is located in the center of Tibetan and Qiang culture corridor about 200km from Chengdu. It is inhabited by mainly by aboriginal Tibetan people, the fortress was built along the riverside against mountain pass, the Tibetan meaning for “Ganbu” means a village on the slope. The whole stockade has beautiful scenery with spectacular mountains around and magnificent and orderly buildings. The unique culture of Ganbu Fort attracts visitors from both domestic and foreign origin, and its rich history and culture excites even the interest of the most fastidious anthropologists.

Shakespeare in the Round - Excursion during the Bridging Cultures Program in London

While at the Bridging Cultures Program in London, students will experience authentic Shakespeare in the round at the famous Globe Theater. It is a place that throws light upon lines that once seemed innocuous. References to clouds, birdsong or the rain dripping off thatch take on a special meaning in the theatre built on the model of that which saw the first performances of so many of Shakespeare's plays. This is a fantastic experience for those studying literature or history, but will be allow for academic growth for students of all majors. 


Australia Final Exam Coffee Break

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad wants to support you in your effort to get great grades during your study abroad. Further, we realize how exhausting it can be to study for an Australian final exam. For this, we’ll be offering you a free coffee at your universities favorite coffee shop while you study. 

*Note that these are just examples and not necessarily offered each intake, some activities may have an additional cost to the student.


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What is Academic Discovery?

Academic discovery comes with a deeper understanding of a particular academic area such as:

  • Leadership
  • Languages
  • Photography
  • Marine biology on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Canterbury Tales and other famous works of literature
  • Jane Austen and other famous authors
  • Tutorials
  • Great study habits
  • Independent Learning
  • A new major
  • A new minor
  • A new perspective
  • Collaboration skills
  • And so much more...