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Study in China with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs in China  through our partner International Studies Abroad.

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Study Abroad in China

China is a country with an ancient history, a brilliant civilization, and beautiful landscapes. China is often touted as having one of the world’s oldest surviving civilizations whose people have shared a common culture for more than 5,000 years. Philosophers, emperors, foreign conquerors, political leaders, and civil war have all left their marks on China’s colorful history, but the people’s culture has endured and remained constant.

As their civilization developed, the people excelled in science and artistic expression. Many examples have endured the test of time and are revered today as national treasures and historical sites. Over 30 sites in China are now World Heritage listed and protected. They include ancient architectural complexes and a number of historical relics, forming an important basis for the study of China’s ancient culture and history.

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Top Reasons to Study in China

  • One out of every five people in the world speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • Learning Mandarin and understanding Chinese culture will open up a world of career opportunities.
  • China has one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations coupled with one of the world’s fastest developing societies provides a fascinating contrast of old traditions and modern lifestyles.
  • Chinese philosophers, politicians, inventors, farmers and artists have hugely influenced the world.
  • The world looks to China with wonder and curiosity about its future and its impact on the world.



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