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                   About ISA / GlobaLinks Learning Abroad



We're Different

ISA / GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has more than 20 years of experience and has sent more than 25,000 students abroad, and we pride ourselves on a unique approach that ensures each individual student has an enhanced experience which can only be produced through our programs - learn more about what that means to you>

Our Mission

ISA / GlobaLinks Learning Abroad seeks to foster the development of future leaders who, through an intercultural learning opportunity, gain a greater respect for and understanding of the relationship which exists between North America and the rest of the world in the context of the larger global community.

ISA/ GlobaLinks Learning Abroad achieves this by exposing students, advisors, and faculty to internationally recognized universities and other educational organizations through the promotion of affordable academic and cultural opportunities world-wide. 





Our Vision 

To live as a respected and sustainable organization that creates and facilitates world-wide opportunities for people of all backgrounds & interests to engage with each other, accomplish academic learning, practice peace and understanding, and commit to becoming better global citizens and leaders. 



Our Culture and Values

  • Communication and Collaboration are key
  • Accountability and Outcomes Matter
  • Service is our daily work and our attitude
  • Whole person view of our staff and our clients


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