The Discovery Model - How we do it

A study abroad organization should do more than just get you from here to there.

Preparing to go abroad requires planning, research, and a lot of knowledge, and choosing the right study abroad organization to help you navigate this process is important. You deserve an organization that can walk you through all the predeparture and orientation processes, but that also goes a step further to help you achieve your goals.

Only GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is dedicated to your preparation and support as well as helping you maximize your discovery in 5 key areas: Personal, Career, Academic, Social, and Cultural. In order to provide you with a framework for getting the most out of your time abroad we developed the Discovery Model.

The Discovery Model begins when you first inquire with GlobaLinks Learning abroad about study abroad options that appeal to your interests. You will be assigned to an advisor who will assist you in all the steps necessary to prepare for your experience abroad.

Once abroad, our in-country staff will meet you upon arrival and lead you on a multi-day Bridging Cultures Program to ease your transition and accelerate your exposure to the host country. Throughout the program, our in-country staff will continue to provide you with a robust calendar of events for you to consider in your free time. These activities will reflect our five areas of discovery; some will be group activities led by our staff, while others you can pick and choose to do independently or as a group with other participants and/or local friends.

Scheduled Activities

Our in-country resident staff arranges scheduled activities with students throughout the year. These activities are designed to enhance your discovery process. All activities are optional and designed to provide you with a chance to explore in one or more of the five areas of discovery.

A sampling of some of our scheduled activities:

  • PERSONAL DISCOVERY: Spend time with a local family and discover how your family relationships differ from those of other families
  • CAREER DISCOVERY: Attend a networking reception organized by local staff
  • ACADEMIC DISCOVERY: Join an organized trip to a local museum or exhibit or take a tour of a zoo or botanical garden to learn about the local flora and fauna.
  • SOCIAL DISCOVERY: The Bridging Cultures Programs, meet over coffee with local resident coordinator and other students, pizza party with local resident coordinator and other student.
  • CULTURAL DISCOVERY: Attend a traditional theatre performance, attend a local sporting match, experience a local ceremony or holiday, visit a local landmark

 *Note that not all of these activities are available in all locations - this is a list of potential activities that students may undertake abroad through the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad discovery model.

On-Going Activities

Your own personal exploration of the culture, the academics, the people, and yourself is what will truly make your experience yours. Through the Discovery Model, our in-country staff provide you with advice and recommendations for your own self-directed pursuit of Discovery.

A sampling of some of suggested on-going activities:

  • PERSONAL DISCOVERY: Determine your goals for your time abroad, start a personal or public blog to journal about your personal growth, explore your favorite sport in a different environment, write a letter home expressing how much you have learned about yourself in the past few months, discover your independence level - take a trip that pushes you out of your comfort zone
  • CAREER DISCOVERY: Volunteer your time with a local company in a way that will benefit your resume, set up an informational interview with a local professional, find a mentor to provide guidance and advice, tour a company's corporate headquarters to get a feel for the work that happens there
  • ACADEMIC DISCOVERY: Dive into your major and explore your academic area from an international perspective, find a native "buddy" to practice the local language, sign up for a club and explore a new academic pursuit such as field biology or photography
  • SOCIAL DISCOVERY: Organize a trip with other students, join a sporting team, invite some local stduents to dinner
  • CULTURAL DISCOVERY: Try out a new fashion that is unique to your location, take a local cuisine cooking class