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Study in Australia with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is excited to announce even more Australia program options through our partner International Studies Abroad (ISA).


Study Abroad in Australia

The sixth largest country in the world, Australia is nearly the same size as the continental United States and home to 20 million people. Boasting some of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world, Australia’s biggest attraction is its natural beauty.

Australia is well known for its varied landscapes from the red deserts of the Outback to the white sand beaches that surround nearly the entire continent. Just off the Queensland Coast visitors will find the largest coral reef system on Earth, the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches more than 1,600 miles (2,600 km).

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Discover Contemporary Australia

Australia’s culture is both contemporary and innovative. In this increasingly global world, the country of Australia has built a strong reputation for being a leader in the sciences, a partner to Asia, and an innovator in the arts.

Australia is a modern, highly educated culture with a hunger for knowledge and research. Australia has contributed to the international science and research fields through fascinating discoveries, high quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration. And because Australia is geographically located near Asia, one of the fastest developing regions of the world, Australia possesses immediate ties to some of the most powerful global economic and industrial exporters in the world. Plus, with inspiring landscapes, diverse cultural identities, and a flair for the creative, Australia has a uniqueness reflected dynamically through the arts.


Bridging and Culture Program in Australia

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Orientation is our signature program for all semester and year abroad students. The cost for this multi-day program is included in your program fees. Each orientation program includes exciting activities, such as:

• Snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef and holding a koala
• Learning to throw a boomerang at an Aboriginal park
• Orientation sessions to help you adapt to Australia

Trips and Excursions included (choice of one)


Top Reasons to Study in Australia


  • Australia is a big place full of opportunities for adventure. The diversity of activities in Australia is matched only by the diversity of its natural wonders and sophisticated cities.

  • The Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest on Earth, lending to its mystique and uniqueness.

  • Australia is closer than you think. Did you know that flying from Los Angeles to Sydney takes exactly the same amount of time as flying from Los Angeles to Rome?

  • No matter what the time of year, somewhere in Australia the weather is warm and wonderful. The seasons are reversed so when it is winter in North America, it is summer in Australia. Even the “cooler” months are considered the best time to see the deserts and tropical north.

  • Everyone speaks English, so you will feel right at home and easily mix in with the locals.

Top 10 Lessons I Learned Studying Abroad in Australia

 By Shannon Garrity – Shannon was a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Student from Bridgewater State University who is studying at James Cook University – Townsville, Australia.

1) Don’t get bogged down by the little things when packing: As long as you know the general climate you are packing for and paperwork necessary, you will be all set. As the Aussies say best – no worries. Unless you are studying in a remote area, there are local stores that will most likely have what you need.

2) You WILL experience culture shock – Embrace it: Culture shock does not have to be a negative thing. One of the most enjoyable parts of studying abroad is comparing ways of life, a positive way to cope with culture shock.

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