Research Abroad in Europe with EuroScholars


Why do a Research Abroad Program?

Graduate school is getting more and more competitive every year. Research experience during an undergraduate career is becoming a standard entry requirement or expectation for many graduate programs. With a research abroad program, you can gain unparalleled experience to launch your career in research or academia, and enjoy immersion into a foreign culture, which fosters an endless number of skills to complement your academic success. 

The research abroad program is tailored to highly motivated, high achieving students. The program aims to challenge you in conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in the research environment.

Upon successful completion of the research abroad program, you will have key skills required to get into even the most competitive graduate school programs around the world including:

  • scientific reasoning
  • research method                              
  • theoretical principles related to the research area
  • scholarly communication

By finalizing the results of your research project in a paper of publishable quality, you will also have improved your writing and presentation skills. 


Turn Your Research into an Adventure

About EuroScholars

The EuroScholars Research Abroad Program is a unique study abroad opportunity hosted by a group of internationally renowned European Research Universities. The EuroScholars program is designed for advanced undergraduate students, as well as postgraduates, looking for an international research experience.

Europe has a long and rich tradition of academic, hands-on research making this program a natural study abroad option. In this program, students will undertake one or two subjects in the classroom and then work under the direct supervision of professors and other academic staff on a specific academic research project chosen by both the student and faculty.

There are an abundance of academic research projects in a variety of fields to choose from within the participating universities. EuroScholars is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become familiar with the European academic culture and to investigate your potential in a future research career while enjoying the value of study abroad as an undergraduate student.

There are about 175 Research Projects at the 9 partner universities are available, in many fields of study.

Projects Areas 

  • Arts and Humanities                               •  Physics  
  • Performing Arts                                        •  Astronomy 
  • Biology                                                   •  Computer Science
  • Chemistry                                                  •  Medicine 
  • Engineering                                              •  Bio Medical Science
  • Mathematics                                               Law
  • Economics                                                •  Managment
  • Politics                                                       •  Social Studies


A Word from our Alumni

EuroScholars alumna, Idu Azogu, from Rutgers University, shares her research abroad experience. Idu participated in a research project at Leiden University in the Netherlands.




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