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University of Hong Kong

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 The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the oldest tertiary university in Hong Kong and consistently ranks as one of the leading comprehensive universities in Asia. HKU seeks to capitalize on its strengths as an English-medium, comprehensive, and research-led university. It continues to make important breakthroughs in many areas of intellectual endeavor and is leading the Asia revolution in the creation and exchange of knowledge. In 2008, the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement ranked the University of Hong Kong as the 26th best university in the world.

Aside from its stellar academic reputation, HKU is also known for cultivating internationalism on campus and providing exceptional student services. Study abroad students at the University of Hong Kong are served by several units, including the Centre of development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), which provides guidance for most areas of student life; and University Health Service, which provides health care, referrals and preventive services.