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GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarship Program Details

Eligibility for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarships

  • Must be enrolled at a U.S. or Canadian college or university
  • Acceptance into a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad year abroad, semester abroad or select summer program
  • Online Scholarship Application form
    • Essay describing how you selected your overseas university and how the experience will impact your future career.
    • Additional essay where applicable.
  • Minimum GPA of a 2.5/4.0
  • Some scholarships have additional criteria. If applicable, specific criteria will be listed under each individual award.
  • Students are not eligible to apply for scholarships in the 2nd term of a year abroad program.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarship Application Process

The Online Scholarship application is available ONLY to students who have been ACCEPTED to study abroad in one of the university programs. Applications are not available to inquiries and students cannot apply for awards prior to being accepted to the program.

Application Materials 

The GlobaLinks general scholarship application will be made available to you post acceptance via email.  You will submit an online application. 

  • Completed scholarship application must include: 
    • Essay describing the reasons for choosing your country and your host university and how the experience will impact your career.
    • University transcript
  • Your GPA must be at least 2.5 for consideration in the general scholarship pool.
  • Several scholarships have extra requirements or conditions on the above. If you have questions, please call the office before the application deadline.

Deadlines to Apply for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarships

Participants interested in scholarships for Award Period A may also apply for an ISA Scholarship. Students applying for programs after Award Period A will be eligible to apply for scholarships through ISA.  

Scholarship Distribution Timeline:

Award Period Application Deadline Program Dates Awards Announced
Award Period A November 30th (of the prior year) January - March December 30th

Eligibility and Selection

The scholarship committee reserves the right to review participant’s enrollment file for further information including, but not limited to, official transcripts, recommendation forms, personal essays and communication with study abroad/faculty officials at the home campus. Students must have been accepted into the program and paid a deposit by the requested deadlines to be eligible for all scholarships. The committee reserves the right to finalize all decisions without recourse. Student names are not submitted as part of the review process. Committee meetings for scholarship selection varies each semester and we cannot guarantee the date at which students will be notified.

Disbursement of Monies

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will disburse all affiliate scholarships to the student’s account in the GlobaLinks billing office. Disbursement of University-sponsored scholarships varies.

Recipient Responsibility and Honor

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad takes great pride in being able to offer scholarship assistance to its participants. Scholarship recipients, no matter the dollar figure awarded, are expected to remain in good academic standing during their study abroad program and to respect the laws and rules of the host country and host university. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the retraction of the scholarship award by GlobaLinks. Scholarship recipients may also be requested to complete an additional essay or communication with the GlobaLinks office upon completion of their program or prepare a presentation at their home campus about their experience.