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How to Apply

Semester Abroad, Academic Year Abroad, Summer Abroad, and January Abroad Programs

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad accepts both hard copy and online applications. In either case, your application will require:

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs are open and accessible to all students of varying backgrounds and needs. We seek to work with you, your home institution, and the host institution to ensure your needs can and will be met during your study abroad experience. You will be considered for admission to the host institution based on your class standing, your cumulative GPA, your statement of purpose, and your academic reference. You can expect an admission decision within 1 - 2 weeks of receipt of your completed application. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis through rolling admissions. Call  1-800-980-0033  Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MST) or email if you have any questions.

You can send in all application items together or piece-by-piece and let us take care of organizing it for you. Once your application is complete, you will be notified of any next steps. Some universities may require additional information as part of the application, which we will inform you of upon receipt of the above application materials. Acceptance into a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program is determined by the host university and is not guaranteed.


Mail Your Information To:

Hard copy applications, photographs, transcripts, and any other application materials can be mailed directly to our office:

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

12050 N. Pecos Street, Suite 320

Westminster, Colorado 80234


Call  1-800-980-0033  Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MST) or email if you have any questions.


When to Apply

We typically recommend applying 6-8 months in advance, but most deadlines are approximately 3-4 months prior to departure. Application deadlines vary by program and university. If you have just missed an application, contact our office to see if it has been extended. Your home university may also have a deadline for all study abroad programs. Please adhere to your home university deadlines as well. Contact your home university study abroad office for details.

View Dates and Deadlines Here 


Explanations of Required Application Materials    

Application Form

Complete the online study abroad application form - if you do not yet have a MyLearn account, you will need to create one first. The application will ask you to select your first and second choice of the university you would like to attend. Your program choice can be changed in the initial stages of the process without additional application fees or penalties. Hard copy applications are available, however, online applications are encouraged to expedite the application process.

If you prefer to use a hard copy application, please download the appropriate application (please note hard copy applications are charged a $50 fee, rather than the $30 online application fee):

Australia Semester/Year Abroad Programs (PDF)

New Zealand/Fiji Semester/Year Abroad Programs (PDF)

Summer/January Programs (PDF)

Asia - All Semester/Year Abroad Programs (PDF)

Europe - All Semester/Year Abroad Programs (PDF)

Mandatory Web-Accessible Email Address

In order to best communicate with you throughout the application process and your time abroad, we require every student to establish and maintain throughout the pre-departure process and during the study abroad program, a universally accessible email account. (This can be through your home university or with an Internet service like or


Official Transcript

Order one official transcript from your home university showing at least 25 – 32 credits of completed academic work (include current registration, where possible). If you are a transfer student and have only just completed your first semester, please provide an official transcript of your previous university or college results.
Official transcripts can be included with your application, or the university or college can forward it directly to our office. All transcripts submitted must be official. Hard copy or electronic official transcripts are accepted.
Hard copy official transcripts can be mailed to:                            GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
                                                                                                                12050 N. Pecos Street, Suite 320
                                                                                                                Westminster, CO 80234 U.S.A.
Electronic official transcripts can be emailed to:                 


Faculty Reference

Download a Academic Reference Form (PDF). Give the Form to a faculty member who has taught you in a university/college setting. Once completed, the faculty member may return it to you in a sealed envelope or mail/fax the form directly to our office. An online form is also available through your MyLearn account if you would rather email your faculty reference a link to complete the form electronically.



You will be asked to upload a photograph into your MyLearn account after we have received and entered your application. This photograph will be used for identification purposes. Some programs may require hard-copy official passport-sized photographs. In these cases, you will be asked to provide photos according to the specific program requirements. 


Application Fee

The application fee is $30 USD for online applications and $50 USD for hardcopy applications. Payment can be made by check or credit card. Please make checks payable to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. Credit card payments can be made through your MyLearn account. You can also make payment by check if using a U.S. bank account or payment can be made by obtaining a bank draft in U.S. dollars.