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Shannon Bruno 

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Shannon discovered her love of travel during her time abroad. She shares her travel stories and advice from her semester abroad in Scotland below.


Term Abroad: Spring 2010

Home University: Eastern Kentucky University

Host University: University of Stirling

Major: Criminal Justice

Traveling was extremely simple and affordable while in Stirling.

Me and a few friends traveled almost every weekend to different locations around Scotland. With the class schedules it made it easy to book. Traveling around Scotland was so easy, because you just arrived at the train station and bought tickets there and back.
I would suggest looking at bus tours around the top half of Scotland, like the Orkney Islands or the Isle of Skye (picture at right), they are both beautiful places to visit!
We took a few larger trips that costed more and required a longer period of time to Dublin, Ireland and Paris & Strasbourg, France.
Another advantage to studying abroad is meeting other study abroad students from different places around the world, because they may offer to take you back to their home cities to visit and stay for free. That's how me and my friends got the chance to visit France and it was affordable and a great experience! 
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