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Patrick discovered Swansea's lacrosse team during his semester abroad in Wales.


Term Abroad: Spring 2010

Home University: Eastern Connecticut State University

Host University: Swansea University

Major: Economics


How did you learn about the lacrosse team and sign up?

Swansea had a broad variety of club sports which start in the Fall.  I contacted the Football (Soccer) and Lacrosse Captains about joining either or both teams if possible but only the lacrosse team replied, probably because the football club is the 2nd most competitive sports team at Swansea, just behind Rugby. 


How much did it cost to join?


To play for a sports club in Swansea you have to get an AU (Athletic Union) card which costs 10 pounds if I remember correctly.  With this, you are insured from any injuries you may sustain while at training sessions or in games.  The club provided me with pads, a helmet, gloves, a stick, cleats, and a uniform.


How competitive was it?

I had been playing lacrosse since I was 13 years old and was going to play in college but gave it up just before my freshman year started so I was more experienced than just about everybody on the team but was a bit rusty.  Since lacrosse is a new sport to the UK most of the kids on the team had only picked it up when they started out at University as a first year, or possibly a couple years before.  It was competitive in the sense that everybody was really out to win but the competition was not up to the standard I was used to, but since it was so long since I had played it was very fun and competitive enough for me!


How did it help you meet locals?

After the 1st two games I played in the Swansea Hawks coach (the local club team) asked me to play for them for their next and final game.  On that team there were a few other locals but since I had only gone to one game I did not really meet them too well, a lot of the Swansea Uni lacrosse players were on that team as well.  It did help me meet more people that went to Swansea Uni though, which was really nice because I was able to know a much broader group of people rather than just Americans and First Year students.


Did you travel with the team?

We took a caravan or two to each of the games.  While I was there we only had 3 games left, two of which were away and one was the Varsity game against Cardiff which happened to be at Swansea that year.


Tell us a bit about the Varsity game.

Varsity was an incredible experience. Everybody at Swansea University and Cardiff University really gets excited for the event. During our game at least 4 other games were going on on the nearby fields so there was a massive amount of spectators around the area watching all the games.  It was real nice to get all my friends to come watch my game as well. Once our game ended (we won 9-8, and I won Man-of-the-Match) we immediately joined in on the celebrating. I was able to catch some of the other games for about 2 hours before we headed off to Liberty Stadium to watch the Men's 1st Team Rugby match, which was amazing.  After that we had the same shuttle service that brought us from Swansea University to Liberty Stadium pick us up from the stadium and drive us into town for a night out on Wind Street, which always is a great time. 


Watch a video about the Varsity 2010 games!


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