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GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has designed this program at American College of Thessaloniki with your individual student goals in mind. It is built around a unique Discovery Model which is delivered by some of the best staff in study abroad, both in the U.S. and overseas, in order to provide you with an individualized experience through discovery in 5 key areas: personal, academic, cultural, social, and careerl. Learn more about the Discovery Model.

North American college students at any undergraduate level. Students may choose courses from liberal arts, technology, and business curricula to fulfill electives or major requirements at the home school; or, choose courses in Greek language, history, culture and art.

ACT is a division of Anatolia, a private, not-for-profit educational institution founded in 1886 in Asia Minor and relocated to Thessaloniki in 1924. It is one of only six NEASC- accredited academic institutions outside of the US and the only institution in Southeast Europe with both full American accreditation and European validation.

ACT offers American-style undergraduate and graduate education with teaching standards and campus infrastructure unmatched in the region, and with a rich student life on and around campus.


Learn more about Greece.

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ACT is located in Thessaloniki, the largest city in northern Greece; a historical city dating back to the time of Alexander the Great, with Byzantine, Roman and Venetian remnants and a beautiful waterfront. A university town, with the largest Greek university campus, it is famous for its friendliness, its vibrant night life, its beautiful museums, restaurants, cafes and bars.


Only an hour away to the east, are the golden beaches of Halkidiki, while towards the south Mount Olympus, the seat of the Greek gods, offers a breathtaking view. The cities of Istanbul, Turkey and Sophia, Bulgaria are easily accessible by train or bus for exciting weekend adventures.

ACT’s campus, on the outskirts of the city, is spacious and tree-filled and includes a mixture of historical and modern buildings with state-of-the-art facilities. Student housing is in the heart of the city and public buses, as well as ACT’s own buses, provide students with transportation to and from campus. Taxis are very affordable and can be shared and students often chose this mode of transportation because of its convenience.



Around the University

ACT’s campus is located in the community of Pylea, set just above the city. Pylea grew out of a small village and is now a part of the wider city. Life in Pylea centers around the big Orthodox Church of Prophet Elias and the community building; an 8 to 10 minute downhill walk from campus (or a 1 stop bus ride) will bring you there.


An elderly lady who serves in the soup kitchen of Prophet Elias will tell you how her father planted the corner stones of the first building on Anatolia’s campus, while her sister was one of the school’s first graduates. Lower and middle class families live here and there are many shops and services including pharmacies, banks, a post office, a police station, two grade schools, a high school, numerous kindergartens, small eating places, a number of colorful restaurants, gas stations, a yoga center and an exhibit area for local artists.


The city hall is very active and organizes classes and workshops for the local people, as well as a full fledged Theater Festival each spring. Bus #58 passes by every 10-15 minutes and the price of a ticket is 90 cents. The main street that goes through Pylea, Kennedy Avenue, goes right by the central gate of Anatolia College and on to another small town, Panorama. Panorama is one of the city’s most chic communities and property there is very expensive.


While on campus, study abroad students who wish to enjoy the area can take long walks through the hilly terrain to the north of campus or hop on a bus to Panorama for a coffee and to enjoy superb vistas of the entire city, the Thermaic gulf and on a clear day, mount Olympus.



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Academic Highlights

ACT provides quality academic programs in a diverse set of divisions including Liberal Arts, Business, Information Technology, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Energy Management and Sustainability. The curriculum at ACT is modeled on those of leading American educational institutions, both in respect to content and the teaching style of faculty.


Classes are taught in English by experienced American and International faculty and teaching style requires little adaptation by students from the United States. Classrooms are diverse, with students from all over the world, providing a multi-cultural learning experience.


The Inspirational Talks and the Dukakis Lecture Series sponsored by the ACT Dukakis Center and open to all on campus or in city venues, bring a broad prospective to political, social, cultural and international issues and invite ACT students to engage in a dialogue with the wider community. The “Learning in ACTion” academic framework allows for activities/trips/ events beyond the classroom and the campus and helps combine theory and application. 



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Studio apartments are fully furnished and all study abroad students are guaranteed space in college housing. Single and double-occupancy options exist, and priority on choice is given to early applicants. Laundry facilities, internet and utilities (heating, water and electricity) are included.


Apartments are located in small, quaint neighborhoods with grocery stores, banks, gyms and hospitals all close by. The apartments are also just a short walk away from museums, cinemas, restaurants, swimming pools and the waterfront. Students can walk or jog on the water promenade and enjoy the fabulous sunsets the city is famous for. The city is safe and people of all ages walk and drive downtown at all times of the day and night; a traffic jam at 2 a.m. is not unusual. ACT study abroad students enjoy the rich and varied options they have while living in the city.


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University Services

Services provided to study abroad students include: mail services, morning and evening buses from housing to campus, housing, psychological counseling, doctor/nurse services on campus, student visa and resident permit assistance, academic counseling, sports facilities and organized sports activities, clubs and cultural activities and excursions, library services, internet, housing maintenance services, computer assistance, a service learning program, select internships, writing and math tutoring, a student i.d. card, registration and accounting support, and an extensive orientation.



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Bridging Cultures Program

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program is our signature orientation program for all semester and year abroad students. The cost for this multi-day program is included in your program fees and covers several nights accommodation, most meals, local transportation, and excursions.

Typically 4-6 days in length, each orientation program includes:

Exciting excursions and activities

A chance to meet other students

Orientation sessions to help you adapt to your new country

Orientation sites vary based on the location of your program. Each site is selected based on the proximity to your host university as well as for the unique activities available within the area. Read more about the Bridging Cultures Program>

American College of Thessaloniki Orientation

In addition to the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program, all students will participate in a university specific orientation. Incoming students are met at the airport; an arrival packet with maps and basic guidelines on how to navigate the city is provided and housing and neighborhood tours are given by trained ACT staff. During a three day orientation students are introduced to the campus, academic and student life, international programs office support services, housing facilities and rules, financial matters and volunteering options. Orientation also includes: a campus tour, a comprehensive acculturation workshop, a ‘survival Greek’ session, a city tour, group lunches, evenings out, a trip to IKEA and a cultural excursion day-trip to Vergina.


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Scholarships Available

Merit-based Scholarships

ACT awards a $1,000 USD merit scholarship applicable towards the semester’s tuition at ACT to study abroad students who have reached sophomore status (minimum) at their home institution and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6/4.0. All students with the minimum GPA are automatically awarded the scholarship. No additional application is required.


Greek-Ancestry Scholarships

The American College of Thessaloniki supports GlobaLinks Learning Abroad study abroad students with the Hellenic-American Heritage Scholarship. Students who demonstrate Greek heritage will be eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship will covers 50%-100% tuition costs for up to 4 study abroad students . It is a competitive scholarship for which one needs to apply and is open to all students from North or South America who have been accepted to study at ACT. Please inform your Program Manager if you wish to be considered. Early application is encouraged.  

*Please note that it is ACT's policy that qualified students may receive either the Hellenic-American Heritage Scholarship OR the Merit Scholarship, but students cannot receive both awards.  

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Scholarships

In addition to these scholarship opportunities, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers many other scholarship opportunities and resources for students. Learn more.



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Get Involved Abroad

Extracurricular Activities

As a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participant, you will be directly enrolled as a student in the university abroad. This allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to be culturally integrated in the campus environment and culture by participating in university activities with resident students.


Twice a year students climb the peaks of Mount Olympus or sail along the Aegean coast line. All students take a three day trip to Athens. Events such as the annual International Film Festival, the International Trade Fair, the International Book Fair and the Art Biennale transform the city each season.


Example of how you can get involved on campus:

Student Clubs
ACT has a wide variety of active clubs on campus that you can join, from Pottery, Cinema, Field Trip, Cooking clubs to Scuba Diving, Sailing, Kite-surfing, Baseline-Climbing and Cannyoning Clubs and Intramural Sport activities. See a list of current clubs.


Community Involvement

Getting involved abroad can enable you to meet local students, make a meaningful connection with your campus and community, and enhance your study abroad experience. Your coordinator will connect you with local resources if you wish to volunteer for community projects through your host university. It is important for you to find the right combination of academic, cultural, and leisure activities in order to take full advantage of international learning and cultural immersion.


All students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities at or near their campus, where permitted under host-country immigration regulations. Service learning is an integral piece of a well-rounded education, and we support students’ efforts to integrate into the local culture through volunteer activities. Students are provided with information on volunteer opportunities on campus or within the community during the orientation and preparation process.


Example of how you can get involved in the community:

ACT has a large community service program and is also happy to connect you to several volunteer sites in Thessaloniki. Work to empower local youth in non-governmental organizations (teaching English or running your own weekly class in a skill you are proficient ); volunteer at a local soup kitchen; join in tree planting, olive and grape harvests, beach cleanups; volunteer in a public hospital emergency ward or a center for children and youth with special needs.


Special Programs and Excursions

Bridging Cultures Program

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program is our signature orientation program for all semester and year abroad students. The cost for this multi-day program is included in your program fees and covers several nights accommodation, most meals, local transportation, and excursions.

Typically 4-6 days in length, each orientation program includes:

Exciting excursions and activities

A chance to meet other students

Orientation sessions to help you adapt to your new country

Orientation sites vary based on the location of your program. Each site is selected based on the proximity to your host university as well as for the unique activities available within the area. Read more about the Bridging Cultures Program>

Discovery Activities

Planned Excursions & Events

Our in-country resident staff arranges scheduled activities with students throughout the year. Activities are optional and designed to explore the five key areas of discovery: academic, social, personal, cultural, and professional. These are not just visits to tourist attractions. For example, these are activities such as networking opportunities, local festivals, gallery openings, and other similar events that you can’t find in a travel book. These activities will truly enhance your experience.

On-Going Activities

Your exploration of the culture, the academics, the people, and yourself is what will truly enhance your experience. Through the Discovery Model, our in-country staff will provide you with advice and recommendations for other types of activities you can undertake in order achieve your individual goals.

In addition to the Bridging Cultures Program and these activities, a number of clubs, excursions, and service learning opportunities are available to study abroad students throughout their semester in Greece.

Other Trips and Travel Available

Beyond our included orientation and excursions, you will be able to pre-book a wide variety of day, weekend, and week-long tours at a discounted price through our travel partner, STA Travel. These trips provide the ultimate flexibility for you to travel where you want to go, when you want to go, and with whom you want to go. Most trips have open dates, so you can pre-book the trip(s) that interest you, yet choose your dates later on in your semester. This flexibility also means friends that you make from other countries/programs or even your friends and family who are visiting you abroad can also participate. Learn more>

A Sample of Clubs and Workshops

  • Inter-ACT club: join one of the most dynamic student-led organizations whose members do public awareness and fundraising campaigns, on campus and off campus
  • ACT-attack club: local students “attack” cultural fun events in down town Thessaloniki on a weekly basis and invite anyone interested to come along
  • Greek Pottery Workshop: members throw and fire pieces modeled on the Greek Cycladic-Classical Byzantine ceramics
  • Cooking Classes: members help prepare and share meals popular locally and eat in the company of friends
  • Sailing Certificate: learn how to handle, navigate and safely port and anchor an open sea sailing vessel
  • Kite Surfing Lesson: one weekend wind and/or kite surfing on the island of Limnos
  • Scuba Diving Lessons leading to PADI certificate: organized each semester for anyone who wants to join
  • Sports tournaments and intramurals: open to all in basketball, volleyball, football, beach volleyball, table tennis
  • Cinema Club: members are invited to lectures, screenings and a guided visit to the Thessaloniki Film Festival
  • Field Trips Club: members sign up to join guided trips to local museums and historical sites in Northern Greece
  • The Young Diplomats Society: organizes visit of guest lectures, forums, Model U. N., politics and international affairs events
  • Student Government Association (SGA): acts as the executive board of the ACT student body. Members meet on a weekly basis to discuss and propose solutions to issues concerning life at ACT as well as organize fun events such as parties, excursions etc.
  • Baseline-Climbing and Cannyoning Club: members sign up and enjoy extreme sport activities and excursions to places few people get to go
  • Pilates, Flamenco, Yoga sessions: offered for students, faculty and staff who are interested

Sample Excursions:

  • VERGINA (Royal tombs) Day trip to the city and royal tombs of the Macedonian Dynasty and to one of the most spectacular museums tied to the legacy of Alexander the Great
  • ATHENS Weekend trip to Athens, the Acropolis museum, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, the Monastiraki flee market; Plaka neighborhood and Syntagma square.
  • HALKIDIKI (beach and Mt. Athos boat tour) Weekend trip to Ouranoupolis, the town of Marmaras by night and the prehistoric cave of Petralona (2 million years old).
  • Mt. OLYMPUS (hike) Two days climbing trip (2918m/9577ft) to the summit of Mytikas and peak (Skolio, 2850m) and the Muses Plateau.
  • IOANNINA – METEORA (western Greece) Weekend trip to the Epirus, visit to Perama cave (1200m long) with its stalactites and stalagmites. Overnight in Ioannina and visit of the Meteora monasteries, impressively built on very high rocks.
  • VOLOS – MAKRYNITSA – PELIO Weekend trip to Volos (where Jason and his Argonauts started their journey for the Golden Fleece) , includes visit to museums and traditional mountain villages and towns.
  • SAILING TRIP Weekend trip to explore Halkidiki peninsulas, beaches and harbors. Swimming and snorkeling.

A Sample of Service Learning Opportunities:

  • ARSIS: Association for the Social Support of Youth - Volunteers teach English and other skills to young refugees from Asia, Africa and Eastern European countries. Computer, Language and Entertainment skills appreciated here.
  • Kids in Action – a nonprofit, nongovernmental, youth organization that runs event and activities that empower and encourage marginalized youth to become active members in a peaceful and diverse community. Creative skills in volunteers are much appreciated here.
  • Soup Kitchen at Orthodox Local Church - Volunteers work with local women, cooking; a great opportunity to learn favorite Greek dishes and practice Greek language skills as well as to help out at this time of economic crisis that has left many vulnerable community groups dependent on these meals. Waking up early is usually helpful.
  • United Societies of Balkans – a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established with the objective of eliminating stereotypes and prejudices between Balkan countries and building bridges between their societies. Research, media and public relations skills are much appreciated here.
  • Papanikolaou Hospital Project – volunteers work in the emergency ward of a state hospital on the day the hospital is on duty for the district. Participating in basic first aid training is required and this is a great site for those who wish to follow nursing or medical professions.


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Course Catalog

To determine if the classes you need are available at this university, select Courses/Subjects to view the specific course options.


Tips: For advice on navigating the university’s course catalog, use the Selecting Courses link. You may also view the suggested grade and credit transfer information through the Grade Conversion.


If you have any questions about course availability, please contact  


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Photo Slideshow


Watch a short slideshow of photos of the ACT campus and the city of Thessaloniki


Ask Our Alumni

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Email with your name, email, and your specific program of interest and we'll email you with the contact details for one of our 20,000 alumni!

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American College of Thessaloniki
All fees listed are for first term onlyYear Abroad Advice
Program FeesTBD
Housing without MealsApproximately $3,400 - $4,100
What's includedSee below

Fee Includes

Your Personalized Semester/Year Program Includes

  • Tuition and instruction
  • Host university activity and insurance fees
  • 24/7 support for students and parents at home and abroad
  • Pre-departure materials and travel gear
  • Comprehensive assistance
  • Personal program manager
  • Scholarship and financial aid assistance
  • Facilitation of course selection / credit transfer

Activity and Excursion Package

  • Multi-day on-site Bridging Cultures Program
  • Local Discovery Activities hosted by on-site Resident Coordinator
  • Welcome and farewell events
  • HTH Worldwide health insurance protection
  • Alumni opportunities, including professional ambassador program
  • International Student Identity Card
  • Exclusive Career-Building Alumni Institute (add-on option)

Additional Housing Fee

Housing amenities are generally:

  • Single room
  • Technology package available
  • Linen package available

An additional refundable housing deposit may be required for your housing selection. This housing is self-catered, therefore you will have access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

*All fees are subject to change.


Should you receive an offer, your offer letter will provide you with the most up to date university start dates. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information as we receive it. Be sure to confirm dates before finalizing any travel plans. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the required GPA and have completed at least the equivalent of one year of full-time study at the university/college level.

Required GPA: 2.50

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Program Team

Program Manager
Program Manager