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Insurance Abroad


It is extremely important that you have adequate insurance while you are studying or interning overseas.  Therefore, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad includes comprehensive international health insurance through HTH Worldwide, political security and natural disaster evacuation coverage with DRUM, and the Basic ISIC (International Student Identity Card) for all Semester/Year Abroad, Internship, and Short Course programs. These are included in the program fees for the Semester/Year Abroad, Internship, and Short Course programs and is mandatory for each program participant. 

The comprehensive international health insurance, political security and natural disaster evacuation coverage, and the Basic ISIC are optional for students participating on our Degree and EuroScholars programs.  

Please review the following for more information for details on HTH Worldwide international health insurance, political security and natural disaster evacuation coveragethe International Student Identity Card, maintaining your primary insurance policy, recommended additional insurance for personal property and travel insurance.

HTH Worldwide International Health Insurance

This information is applicable for the following GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Programs:

  • Semester or Year Abroad Programs

  • Summer and January Short Course Programs

  • Internship Programs

This policy is optional for the following GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Programs:

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has arranged the “Student Accident and Sickness Insurance” policy for student accident and sickness insurance through HTH Worldwide.  This insurance policy is mandatory and included in the program fees for Semester/Year Abroad, Short Course and Internship Programs.  Students on these programs will receive a copy the the insurance card ID through email approximately 4 weeks prior to departure.   

For programs in 2014 (October 1, 2013 - September 30, 2014): Click here to review the HTH Worldwide policy pamphlet information.  The certificate can be located here.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Pre-existing conditions are covered under this plan. Please review the policy information for specific details.

HTH Worldwide Global Medical Assistance: HTH provides health insurance plans and global medical assistance services for students abroad. HTH programs are distinguished by a contracted community of over 5,000 hospitals and doctors in 180 countries. HTH combines its health and safety research, advanced Internet and mobile applications, and extensive experience in designing and delivering international health insurance plans to ensure customers’ health, safety and peace of mind.  

Political Security and Natural Disaster Evacuation: HTH Worldwide, through DRUM, provides political security and natural disaster evacuation coverage.  For a summary of coverage, please click here.   

*Insurance for Degree & EuroScholars Programs: As participants on the Degree and EuroScholars Programs, it is recommended that you consider the HTH Worldwide policy.  If you have pre-existing conditions or desire basic medical coverage (i.e. preventative care insurance), and your current health insurance policy will not cover you while you are abroad, we suggest you look into the HTH Worldwide Insurance policy. 

A policy through HTH can be purchased for a minimum of one month and obtained for up to a year at a time. Students undertaking programs longer than one year can renew the insurance policy as needed. Please contact your coordinator for assistance and policy monthly premium costs.

You may also want to review the information below about the Basic ISIC (International Student Insurance Card) for additional insurance and discount options.  

Additional Health Coverage for Semester/Year Abroad and Degree Programs in Australia and New Zealand

Students attending Semester/Year Abroad and Degree Programs in Australia and New Zealand will also be covered under a specific national health plan. These policies are commonly referred to as Overseas Student Health Coverage or OSHC. 

These policies typically exclude mental illness, dental and vision coverage or pre-existing conditions, and do not cover health needs when traveling to other countries. This federally mandated coverage is major medical insurance within your host country. For additional information, please review the links following:

International Student Identity Card (Basic ISIC Insurance)

The ISIC card is included for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Semester/Year Abroad, Internship and Short Course programs, and optional for students on the Degree and EuroScholars programs. The card provides basic coverage, such as evacuation and repatriation, as well as many student discounts in the country you are visiting. The cost of the card is included in Semester/YearAbroad, Internship and Short Course program fees. ISIC cards are issued through STA Travel and will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to program departure. Students will add their own photograph to complete the ISIC card. 

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) – Basic Coverage
The following information has been taken from the ISIC Basic Insurance Description of Coverage (2012 policy information). Details are subject to change. Amounts noted are US dollars.

In the event of a claim, please visit: or when calling from abroad, call collect 1-715-345-0505 or when calling from the US, please call 1-800-353-1972.

For more information on the ISIC and a list of companies that provide discounts to students with an ISIC card, please see  

To download the new ISIC iPhone and iPad app to help you find deals on accomodation, transportation, activities, and more while you travel please visit

Maintaining Primary Health Insurance Coverage

We recommend that you still maintain your current primary health insurance while abroad. This is particularly important if you have any pre-existing conditions, but is also beneficial if you have an injury or illness while abroad and require further treatment upon your return home.

You should consult with your current insurance provider to confirm coverage policies while traveling abroad. Policies will vary from company to company and you will want to have all of the information before your departure to make the most educated decision about purchasing additional health coverage.

Recommended Additional Insurance

Insuring Personal Property

If you are going to be traveling with expensive electronic equipment, such as a laptop or digital camera, you should insure them against theft. It is also recmmended that you take the original receipt for purchase of your laptop. It is not recommended that you mail the laptop to your study abroad site as there may be difficulties retrieving it from customs without hefty duty charges. Your family homeowner’s insurance may cover your personal belongings, it is a good idea to review your current homeowner’s coverage before departure or you could consider the insurance available through the equipment manufacturer.

Travel Insurance

Have you considered travel insurance? While travel insurance may be one of the last things you consider in your preparations, it is one of the most important aspects of planning and protecting yourself while abroad. We hope that everything will go smoothly with your travel plans, however, unexpected interruptions can occur including flight delays or cancellations due to weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.  If this should occur, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, STA Travel, and/or the host institutions are not responsible for additional costs that may be incurred. Therefore, it is highly recommend that you investigate your travel insurance opportunities.  One recommended option is the worldwide international travel insurance through the Travel Protection policy offered by STA Travel. Some of the inclusions of this Travel Protection policy are trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and baggage and personal effects protection.

We encourage you to contact STA Travel directly to ask further questions and to book your travel insurance:

Semester/Short Term Programs in Australia, New Zealand, or Fiji: 1-888-457-2509

Semester/Short Term Programs in Asia: 1-800-214-6461

Semester/Short Term Programs in Europe: 1-800-214-6459

Internship Programs Worldwide: 1-800-535-0936  

Or email: