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Study Abroad Health & Safety Information:

The Center for Global Education has put together a very comprehensive Study Abroad Safety advice. Please go to for additional information.

HTH Worldwide, an international health insurance company in the United States, offers advice to students for Ten Healthy Travel Tips for Students.

NAFSA: Association of National Educators offers practical guides for parents and students looking to study abroad. These guides can be purchased through the NAFSA website.

  1. What Parents Need to Know
  2. Sexual Health Abroad

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

The Centers for Disease Control Home 

Vaccinations and Traveling Abroad

Health Information by Destination


Safety Information from the U.S. Government:

The following websites provide additional safety information for international travelers from the U.S. government:

Students Abroad - A one-stop reference guide for students traveling abroad

US State Department Travel Information - View country travel warnings, alerts and specific details

US State Department Smart Traveler App  - The government has released a new app for travelers

US State Department - This is the link to the US State Department home page

US Embassy, Consulate and Diplomatic Mission Listing 


Safety Information from the Canadian Government:

The following provides additional safety information for international travelers from the Canadian government:

The Consular Affairs Bureau of Foreign Affairs Canada provides:

(a) Country Travel Reports detailing safety and security conditions, health advice, and entry requirements;
(b) information on Current Issues highlighting current and ongoing situations around the world;
(c) daily e-mail Travel Updates notifying you of changes to our Current Issues and Country Travel Reports;

(d) a series of free safe-travel publications to help travellers prepare for a safe and problem-free journey;
(e) Country Profiles for over 225 destinations, which include links (when available) to CanadianGovernment offices, general information, and trade and investment.

For additional information, you may contact the Consular Affairs Bureau:

Telephone: 1 800 267-6788 or 613-944-6788
Web site:
TTY: 613-944-1310 or 1 800 394-3472 (in Canada and the U.S.) or 1 800 394-3472 (in Canada and the U.S.) or 1 800 394-3472 (in Canada and the U.S.)

Specific information may also be obtained from a consular representative by contacting Canadian government offices abroad 


Lost Passport Websites:

U.S. Lost of Stolen Passport
Canadian Lost or Stolen Passports 


Sexual Crisis Hotlines / Contact Details:

In Australia
In New Zealand
In Fiji