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Attractions in Germany

With a true appreciation for their natural surroundings, Germans enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing, cycling, and boating are only a few of the outdoor endeavors you can participate in while taking pleasure in Germany’s breath-taking and diverse natural terrain. Skiing is also a very popular activity from mid-December to March.


Germany offers an extensive collection of museums, art galleries, and aquariums, as well as theaters, operas, nightclubs, live music venues, and discos. Boasting well-known festivals such as Oktoberfest and the Christmas Markets, Germany is the place to be for limitless entertainment and excitement.


Whether you want to visit the scenic wooded Black Forest region (birthplace of the cuckoo clock), admire the ancient castles and Gothic cathedrals of Germany’s fascinating past, cruise the Rhine River Valley, or explore the remains of the Berlin Wall, you will be impressed by the diversity of activities and entertainment that Germany provides