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Nick shares why he decided to study in Greece and what he hopes to discover while studying abroad.


Term Abroad: Fall 2011

Home University: Towson University

Host University: American College of Thessaloniki

Major: Anthropology


Why did you decide to study abroad in Greece?

I decided to study in Greece for a few reasons. It has always been a country that I wanted to visit. There is so much history and opportunities to learn about that history. Another main reason that influenced my decision is my Greek heritage. I have cousins that live in Athens and this was a great opportunity for me to meet them and spend time with them.

I choose Thessaloniki because it was beautiful in all of the pictures that I had seen and w



hen I heard of the impressive reputation that ACT has and the great cultural city that Thessaloniki is, I knew it would be a good fit for me.

Another draw for me to come to Greece was my roots as a cultural anthropology student. This is a very interesting time for the people of Greece with the recent austerity measures and economic downturn. This may be a place that I want to come back to and study for Graduate school. I hope to talk to people that live in Greece and learn about what happened and how they feel about it and what they think should be done to solve any issues there are. Ultimately, I hope to learn enough and contribute to an effort to help Greece out of its economic decline.


Have you been to Greece before?

I have never been to Greece before and study abroad was the perfect opportunity for me to change that.


What do you hope to discover while in Greece?

The main thing I hope to learn while abroad is if being this far from home for this length of time is something that I can handle. I love to travel and hope that my profession one day allows me to do so. Studying abroad is a great chance for me to find out if being abroad is for me. I also hope to learn the Greek language and become well acquainted with Greece. I want to see as much of it as I can. It would be great if I could tell my friends and family back in the States that Greece feels like a second home. I also want to make friends that I will have for a long time and be globally connected through those friendships.


What are you most excited about?

I am excited for the entire trip, I can't pick out just one thing! Everyday leading up to this trip was filled with curiosity and excitement. I want to try the food, see the sights, experience the nightlife (which I hear is incredibly fun and awesome), learn the language, meet my family and to just be a part of Greece. I would love to make an impression on the people I meet here and the cities I will visit and hopefully they will leave an impression on me.


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