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Taylor McEachern

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Taylor discovered she could intern and take a class over the summer in Scotland


Name: Taylor McEachern

Home University: Missouri Western University

Host University: University of Stirling Summer Program

Major: Business Management


What type of internship placement did you have during the Stirling summer program?

I was placed with a small business doing a marketing internship

What did you like about the study-internship combo option?

I need an internship to graduate and at home we have a lot of competition trying to get one. I was glad I could study abroad and earn credits for my internship at the same time.

What do you feel like you gained from this experience?

I gained a lot information about the ins-outs of small businesses that I would probably never have had the opportunity to do here in MO.

If you could speak with a student interested in doing the same program, what advice would you give?

Make sure to ask questions and learn as much as you can. I thought I would be doing busy work, but it turned out that I had a say in some of the company decisions only becasue I asked the owners many questions to figure out what it is exactly that they were aiming for.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Some of my favorite memeories came from the internship. I was lucky enough to have a agreat boss who took me to her home for a night. She lived in the area I was researching. She also introduced me to a few of her clients and sat in on business meetings. It was a great experience that I enjoyed very much.


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