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"If you are given the opportunity to study abroad, do not let it pass you by!"

University: University of Queensland

Degree Program: Master of Business Administration 


What made you choose Australia?

The people and their accents, the Outback, the beautiful beaches, the wildlife and the wonderful educational opportunities are some reasons that brought me to Australia.    

How did you select your university?

I chose the University of Queensland because it is ranked as a top 40 University in the world. It is also located in Brisbane which is the third most popular city in Australia. One great thing about going to school here is that you are only one hour, north or south, of experiencing beautiful beaches, surf, and sun. This makes for a great getaway from your studies. 

The school is also popular amongst international students. I have met so many great Australians but I have also made friends with people from Germany, Sweden, New Zealand, Malaysia, China and other countries. It's really cool to get different perspectives on life and The University of Queensland provides that opportunity.   

What program are you studying and how is it going so far? 

I am enrolled in the Study Abroad and Exchange program where I am working towards a Masters of Business Administration. The school has been a wonderful experience thus far and I am learning so much. The high educational standards and expertise of the lecturers make UQ an exceptional choice. I would wholeheartedly encourage other students to study abroad before they finish their time at school.   

Any advice you want to share with other students considering getting their degree abroad?

Studying abroad is a learning experience in itself. Most of your time will be spent studying towards your degree, but in addition, you will learn so much more outside the classroom. Living in a different culture is important for your growth as a person. Experiencing a variety of people and multiple ways of thinking will be of aid to you throughout life and for the remainder of your career. If you are given the opportunity to study abroad, do not let it pass you by!



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