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 Europe Bridging Cultures Program

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program is our in-country orientation program that blends discussion, cultural exploration, and social gatherings for an informative and fun introduction to the country in which students will be living and studying abroad. The Bridging Cultures Program is a core component of the GlobaLinks study abroad experience and is designed specifically for semester and year abroad students. This piece of the program is mandatory and the cost of this program (including your meals, accommodation, and excursions) is included in the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad semester/year program fees.

Our unique Bridging Cultures Program aims to successfully prepare students for their semester, including the cultural and academic differences they will likely encounter in their host country. It also allows students the opportunity to enjoy some of the country's important attractions through a variety of organized excursions. Locations and activities vary by country and may be changed for each term.


Session Topics

  • European Culture - differences and similarities.
  • Health and Safety- information related to laws, infrastructure, and wellness.
  • Academic Differences - expectations of professors and the structure of the classes and grading.
  • Cultural Adjustment - what to expect from yourself in your new environment.
  • Financial Planning - discussions on how to create a budget for semester goals.


Excursions vary by semester and program; however, the following activities are typically included in each Bridging Cultures Program:

  • Exploration of historic sites and/or national treasures
  • A theatrical or musical performance
  • Visits to museums, castles, or tourist sites.

Program Highlights

You will leave the Bridging Cultures Program prepared to dive into your academic program at your university. You will have learned about the academic and cultural differences to expect as well as explored some amazing areas of Europe; learned about the culture of the area; met a network of friends; and made lots of memories. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participants will also enjoy social time with other GlobaLinks students who will be attending various universities. This provides an opportunity to begin developing the foundation for a support network that will benefit participants throughout the semester. These relationships often lead to close, lifelong connections, both personally and professionally.