How Our Program is Different

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad internships are not like other internship programs. Working with us means that you get much more than just a placement, as we are the only internship program that gives you the Global Career-Building Experience.

The Global Career-Building Experience

  • High-Quality Work Experience in any field of study

  • Academic Credit Option

  • Personalized Program Based on Your Goals

  • Global Personal Brand Discovery and Toolbox

Our internship programs are not built around menial tasks. Students and advisors who choose GlobaLinks Learning Abroad for their internship program know that they will receive a high-quality placement, the option for academic credit, and much more. 

Over the past 20 years, we have served thousands of university students and their advisors through our well-reputed internship program. Each student has been provided with high-quality work experience in their chosen field of study, which has undoubtedly benefited them as they began their full-time job search. But our international internship programs are not only for career-building experience. The personal growth, cross cultural communications skills, and global competencies each student gains makes these individuals stand out from all other graduates.

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Globalizing your Personal Brand

Every young professional should have a story to tell about themselves. Just like a product, job seekers need to know how to best package themselves to highlight their skills, personality, reputation, network and education. This is called your personal brand.

In order to establish your personal brand, you must first discover your passion. Once you have honed in on that passion, you can then package and successfully market yourself to potential employees. In order to do this, you need to undertake an investigation into who you are, what strengths you possess, and how you apply them in the professional world. But more importantly, you need to discover your PASSION.

There is no better way to uncover all of this than through an international internship with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. Our Personal Brand Discovery Toolbox gives participants the ability to identify those key aspects that set them apart and how to clearly articulate this to employers. Our alumni often comment that their time abroad helped them achieve the following:

  • Self Discovery

  • Career Paths

  • A Unique and Interesting Story

  • Self-Confidence

  • Expanded Global Network

Note that all internships are unpaid