Career Fields

Finding Yourself in Your Career

Your decision to study biology, business, communications, history or psychology to name a few, does not always have a natural connection to the career path you may seek. The development of the professional self is an intention task that starts with knowing who you are through self-discovery. Finding a successful and meaningful career requires you to know your personal values and mission and connect this with your profession. As you think about a career path here are some preliminary questions to consider:

  1. Do you like the daily activities associated with the work today and long term?
  2. What is the cycle of the job and how will you be challenged or continue to grow in the job?
  3. What is the reporting structures like and do you tend to want to work independently or be closely supervised?
  4. Are you part of a cohort or working on your own?
  5. What skills and education do you need to gain entry into this field of work?
  6. What type of education is required for these types of positions?
  7. What is the path into the industry, can you enter after college or do you need to gain real life experience in the job market first?
  8. Does this field have a growing need in the market?
  9. What are you salary requirements based on the lifestyle you seek?
  10. Is this career a stepping-stone to another career?

Internship Career Fields:

We maintain all of internship placement examples on our internship website: Each of these links will redirect you to the specific placement examples listed on that site.