Bridging Cultures Programs

Our In-Country Orientation ProgramAUSbcp-119

The Bridging Cultures Program (included in your program fees) is an in-country orientation designed exclusively for 6 and 10-week Internship students. This multi-day program includes a variety of fun excursions, social and cultural interactions, and sessions focused on providing you with information related to the country and culture in which you will be living.

You will have the opportunity to meet other students who will be participating in the internship program, prepare yourself for the cultural differences that you may find while interning abroad, and explore a bit of the country through some exciting adventures such as snorkeling. Our aim is to provide you with a sound introduction to your new culture while enjoying the culture and some social time with other participants. (Note that the Bridging Cultures Program is not available for Custom Date Internship students.)

Bridging Cultures Programs take place in:

  • Cairns, Australia for Australia participants through Feb 2015 - home of the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforestsAUSbcp-193. Starting in May 2015 students will either attend a program in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.
  • Wellington, New Zealand for all New Zealand participants – the capital city of New Zealand which is the arts and government center of the country
  • Hong Kong for all Hong Kong participants
  • Shanghai for all Shanghai participants
  • Valencia for all Spain participants
  • Santiago for all Chile participants
  • Singapore for all Singapore participants
  • London for all England participants

Students participating in this program through Feb. 2015 will attend the Bridging Cultures Program in Cairns.

Students participating in study abroad programs starting in May 2015 will participate in a 4-days, 3-nights Bridging Cultures Program in either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

*Please note that location and activities may vary for each internship intake.


Possible Excursions During the Bridging Cultures ProgramsBCP-Asia7

  • Australia – Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, visit an Aboriginal cultural center, hold a koala and pet a kangaroo at a wildlife park
  • New Zealand – Check out the water wildlife on a seal safari, experience the famous Te Papa museum, explore the city on a walking tour
  • Hong Kong – Visit Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden to soak up the various temples, explore the city through a guided tour
  • Shanghai – Dive into the old town area of Shanghai including the bazaar and the Yuyuan Garden, as well as exploring the area round your accommodation on a walking tour.
  • Valencia – Experience the Oceanografic Aquarium in the City of Arts and Sciences, as well as a traditional tapas meal and city tour.
  • Santiago - Visit Pablo Neruda's house, tour Santiago, take a day trip to Valparaiso
  • Singapore - Dinner at Hawker Market and visit the Botanical Gardens
  • London - Tour Buckingham Palace and see a show in the West End

Your excursions can vary and can change at any time, but expect to see some of the local highlights during your time on the Bridging Cultures Program.

Session Topics

  • Culture Shock
  • Cultural Highlights
  • Health and Safety Abroad
  • Differences in the Work Environment
  • Internship Assessment Overview
  • Internship Expectations
  • Placement Details