Application Process


Before You Apply

As you begin to consider your options for an internship abroad, you and your parents will have many questions.  There are many people who can help you find all of your answers.

Questions about GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs:

Call 1-800-980-0033 or email our staff to clarify any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Available 8-5 Mountain Time, our staff can assist you with any questions you have about our programs. Our internship coordinators are available to consult on specific placement opportunities. Because applications are accepted on a rolling basis, some sites may already be full at the time of your application.

Questions about your school’s policies for completing an internship:

Your internship or academic advisor is the best person to speak with about how the academic credit option, if your financial aid and scholarships will transfer to pay for the program, any special forms you need to supply your school, or any specific processes you need to complete. You should also contact your study abroad office.

Questions about finances:

Funding your internship experiences is a big investment.  We encourage you to start thinking about the financial obligations as soon as possible. If you hope to receive assistance from your parents, it is best to begin this discussion with them before applying.  Your study abroad and financial aid offices can work with you on funding assistance through your home university. 

The Application and Placement


You will need to complete our application and submit the supporting materials including a cover letter, resume, a letter of recommendations, four passport sized photos, and a $400 deposit the goes towards program costs.  Please see our Tips for a Stand-Out Application section for more details.

Commit to the Program

Once your application is complete and has been assessed by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit of $400 (applies toward the program fees) before your application is sent on to our overseas office for placement. This shows that you are serious and committed to the program and we will begin the process of finding a high-quality placement to match your learning objectives. Your initial payment will be returned if we are unable to place you into an internship, though this is very rare.  A fee will be assessed if you cancel before or after we have found an internship for you.

One of our coordinators will then give you a call to discuss your learning objectives and give examples where possible of past placements that offer suitable learning opportunities.  We will then send your application to our staff abroad so that they can try to find a similar match for you.

After Acceptance

Accept your Placement

Once a specific internship site has agreed to take you on, you will receive a formal internship offer with an explanation. Your will need to sign this offer and submit with the next payment of $1500 to confirm your placement. If you cancel your program before or after being offered a placement, you will not receive a refund of your initial payment. If you cancel after accepting an offer, additional cancellation penalties will apply.

Follow Your To-Do List

Upon acceptance; you will have a To Do List and Participant Guide easily accessible through your online account. You will simply click on the link and follow the instructions for each item.

Departure and Participation

Once you arrive abroad, you will take part in the multi-day Bridging Cultures Program for Internship Programs with other interns who will also be in the country during the same period. This is a great chance to meet other interns as well as learn valuable information through orientation sessions. You will create a network of friends to keep in touch with throughout your time abroad. (Interns on Custom Date Internships do not participate in a Bridging Cultures Program, but will have a similar orientation via Skype before departure or a less formal orientation in-country.)