What Will You Learn? 


What will happen at the Career Catalyst Institute?

The Career Catalyst Institute presents professional skill development and personal development in an experiential format, with touch-points and presentations from leaders in various industries.

Team Workshops

All participants will follow a Core Curriculum focusing on professional skill development. A few examples of these interactive workshops include:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Working in teams
  • Strategy, planning and execution


Learning Challenges

Elective Curriculum includes topics which are provided to reach your personalized interests and needs, such as:

  • Being a great mentee
  • Methods of persuasion
  • Budget basics

Our experiential design includes work in Home Teams to process and deepen your understanding of the content presented. Home Teams will meet daily with a trained Home Team Leader. Topics in Home Teams focus on developing your personal knowledge of yourself and your style.

All participants will benefit from Core and Elective Curriculum presenting top skills employers seek in job candidates.

Large Group Events will bring our inaugural cohort together! Get ready for a few dynamic speakers, a chance to give your very own TED Talk, and don’t miss the invigorating Teamwork Tournament!

In order to incorporate Industry Professionals, we have organized panel presentations from industry leaders, including a panel titled: “Recruiters Speak Out” and presentations with Business, Entrepreneurs, and Nonprofit Leaders.

At the end of the Institute, you will be given a Peer Performance Review on your participation and development.

We will end our time together with an Awards and Recognition and Appreciation Breakfast

What can you learn in 3.5 days? I think you will be surprised!