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General information applicable to all GlobaLinks Learning Abroad  Semester and Year Abroad Programs:

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers programs at theUniversity of Melbourne through our partner International Studies Abroad.

Please click here to apply or learn more about the University of Melbourne and all other Australia program options.


GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has designed this University of Melbourne program with your individual student goals in mind. It is built around a unique Discovery Model which is delivered by some of the best staff in study abroad, both in the U.S. and overseas, in order to provide you with an individualized experience through discovery in 5 key areas: personal, academic, cultural, social, and career.  Learn more about the Discovery Model.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, formerly known as AustraLearn, offers semester and year abroad programs at the University of Melbourne. At the University of Melbourne, you’ll find everything to make the most of your time abroad: top-ranked academics, strong commitment to international education, and an exceptional lifestyle outside of class. We look forward to having you as part of this global community!

The University of Melbourne has a 150-year history of leadership in research, innovation, teaching and learning in a variety of fields ranging from the Arts to Sciences.  The Times Higher Education (THE) publishes an annual ranking of the top 200 institutions around the world. For 2010, the University of Melbourne is placed 36 overall.

Melbourne’s student population is nearly 27% international, from more than 100 countries. Not only will you make lifelong friends, you’ll be learning with other top students from around the world.  

One of the biggest advantages of studying at the University of Melbourne is the location.  The Economist Intelligence Unit (London) has consistently ranked Melbourne as the world’s most livable city, based on:

  • Celebrating diversity and multiculturalism
  • Welcoming newcomers to a safe environment
  • Clean air
  • Numerous public parks and gardens
  • Many major cultural and sporting events throughout the year

Academically, nearly every area of study is available as well as unique classes with an Australian or international focus, interdisciplinary studies, elite performing arts, Asia and Islamic Studies, and options to complete a research project.



About Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia's second-largest and most cosmopolitan city. Its residents represent 140 nationalities and speak 151 languages. Melbourne is comprised of smaller neighborhoods, each with its own personality and attractions. You’ll always feel at home and the extensive public transportation means you can easily explore them all!   

The campus is spacious, green, leafy, and walking distance to downtown (10 minutes by tram). Both the campus and the city feel European with a variety of architecture, historic sites, museums, and compact design, mixed with gardens, unique shops, markets, and cafes. It’s just 30 minutes to the beach and less than one hour’s drive to:

  • Surfing
  • The Great Ocean Road and historic Twelve Apostles
  • The Penguin Parade
  • Miles of Australian bush for summer and snow activities

The city is vibrant and buzzing with life nearly all the time. Sports are very popular, especially Australian Rules Football (Footy), soccer, rugby and cricket. Many premier international events occur throughout the year, such as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (only 3 in the world), The Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis (only 4 in the world), the Australian Grand Prix (Formula One racing), and the Melbourne Cup (Kentucky Derby). 

Around the University

Melbourne is a collection of small neighborhoods. Each has its own personality, international flair, Main Street, shops, and eateries. On campus you are in green, leafy spacious, cool architecture, 10 minutes one way into the fast-paced CBD that is as busy on Wed night as it is on Sat night. Ten minutes in any other direction and you’ve found another new village area.

All of these villages are easy walking distance in the immediate surrounds of the campus or a few minutes by tram, train, bus, bike or taxi.

The University and City of Melbourne offer:

  • Indoor climbing walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Largest and oldest market in the Southern Hemisphere, open 5 days/week
  • Movie theatre
  • Hospital, hotels, services like salons, nails, car repair, dry cleaner
  • Biking trail, 21Ks around the entire city
  • IMAX movie theatre
  • Anything you could want to eat- Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, middle Eastern
  • A quaint café every 10 feet, best coffee in the world
  • Shopping – malls, markets and quaint little shops ranging from cheap to high end fashion
  • Grocery stores, fast food, to gourmet restaurants
  • Gardens/parks

Less than 15 minutes by tram, train, bus, bike or taxi but you actually can walk to any of these:

  • Zoo
  • Boat ride along the Yarra River
  • Kayak/crew along the Yarra
  • Arts Precinct
  • Ice Skating rink
  • MCG, Rod Laver and Etihad stadium for large concerts and sporting events
  • More shopping and eating
  • Museums, theatres, ferris wheel, festival grounds
  • Horse racing track


Academic Highlights

The university has ten primary areas of study:

  • Architecture Building and Planning
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Computer & IT
  • Economics and Commerce*
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Land and Environment
  • Law
  • Music and the Arts
  • Science

*The University of Melbourne has EQUIS and AACSB International accreditation for business and and AACSB accreditation for accounting.

Unique study options:  

Elite Performance Arts:  Classes are offered through the Victorian College of the Arts for top-performing students in dance, vocal, instrumental, drama and fine art. NOTE: The application deadline for classes offered by the Victorian College of the Arts is March 29th for the July Term. For the February Term the application deadline is October 29th.

Interdisciplinary Study:  More than 30 classes are available where multiple departments team-teach into the classes.

Research projects:  Science students can request to undertake a research project in addition to classes and receive a certificate of completion.

Asia Institute: One of only two pre-eminent centers in Australia, the Institute brings together expertise in politics, anthropology, economics, linguistics, history, religion and society across a number of Asian countries and the Middle East, including Islamic studies

Fieldwork subjects:  Every semester there are subjects available that have a fieldwork or field trip component.

Australian and International Focus:  Nearly 30 classes are offered throughout the year related specifically to Australia, its connections to other nations, and Aboriginal Culture.


View Available Subjects

Classes are offered in a wide range of subjects. To see if the classes you need are available at this university, review the course catalog.
View courses/subjects available at this university.
Be sure to use the "help pages" for assistance on finding the courses that you need.

University Services

The Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange Office employs staff dedicated to supporting study abroad students in all aspects of their life. The “open-door” policy allows you to come by at any time for assistance.  You’ll find the full range of services and facilities on campus from counseling, disability services, tutoring, restaurants, markets, bike shop and banks.


As a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad student you are guaranteed pre-arranged accommodation to fit your lifestyle. There are a variety of housing options available which you will apply for after acceptance. Read below for more specific options offered at this university:

Study abroad students are typically housed in university-affiliated housing, only a short walk from the campus and designed to suit different personalities, budgets, and lifestyles.  Residential colleges provide a unique Australian experience while shared university style apartments are also popular.


Bridging Cultures Program

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program is our signature orientation program for all semester and year abroad students. The cost for this multi-day program is included in your program fees and covers several nights accommodation, most meals, local transportation, and excursions.

Typically 4-6 days in length, each orientation program includes:

  • Exciting excursions and activities
  • A chance to meet other students
  • Orientation sessions to help you adapt to your new country

Orientation sites vary based on the location of your program. Each site is selected based on the proximity to your host university as well as for the unique activities available within the area.

Read more about the Bridging Cultures Program>

In addition to the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program which is included in your AustraLearn program fees, orientation begins before you arrive with opportunity to meet other students online and utlize modules that introduce you to living and studying in Melbourne. After you arrive, you’ll have a day of enrollment dedicated exclusively to study abroad students, followed by a week of orientation activities for all University students.

Scholarships Available

In addition to the scholarships offered by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, University of Melbourne supports GlobaLinks Learning Abroad students with two $1,000 AUD awards each year.

Special Programs/Excursions

Discovery Activities

Planned Excursions & Events
Our in-country resident staff arranges scheduled activities with students throughout the year. Activities are optional and designed to explore the five key areas of discovery: academic, social, personal, cultural, and professional. These are not just visits to tourist attractions. For example, these are activities such as networking opportunities, local festivals, gallery openings, and other similar events that you can’t find in a travel book. These activities will truly enhance your experience.
On-Going Activities
Your exploration of the culture, the academics, the people, and yourself is what will truly enhance your experience. Through the Discovery Model, our in-country staff will provide you with advice and recommendations for other types of activities you can undertake in order achieve your individual goals.

Specific Excursions Included in Your Program Fees

Multi Day Excursions included in your program fee
In addition to the Bridging Cultures Program, a free multi-day excursion is included in all semester/year abroad programs in Australia, New Zealand, or Fiji. Students studying in these destinations can choose from one of the four excursions listed to the right. The cost of the excursion is included; however, you will need to pay for transportation to the destination. Learn more>

Other Tours and Travel Available

Beyond our included orientation and excursions, you will be able to pre-book a wide variety of day, weekend, and week-long tours at a discounted price through our travel partner, STA Travel. These trips provide the ultimate flexibility for you to travel where you want to go, when you want to go, and with whom you want to go. Most trips have open dates, so you can pre-book the trip(s) that interest you, yet choose your dates later on in your semester. This flexibility also means friends that you make from other countries/programs or even your friends and family who are visiting you abroad can also participate. Learn more>

Melbourne Welcome Week
Only at the University of Melbourne, this one week of fun is the week before class starts.

  • Activities such as: Aboriginal Heritage Walks, surfing, jazz at the Melbourne Zoo, footy game (a truly Aussie experience) and cricket at the MCG.
  • Rare opportunity to live in an Australian Residential College
  • Best way to meet Melbourne students before class starts!

Inexpensive flights leave daily for Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  A variety of companies and clubs on campus organize trips to wine country, hiking in Tasmania, surfing, the Great Ocean Road, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Western Australia.

Australian Rules Football (Footy!) was born in Melbourne and unique to this part of the country.  This is a professional level sport where Ultimate Frisbee meets Rugby, fast and fun!  Games are played regularly, tickets are affordable. You won’t want to miss this part of Melbourne culture.

Get Involved Abroad

Extracurricular Activities

Through nearly 200 hundred clubs, societies and sports groups, you can develop skills in leadership, cultural awareness, or community service, plus meet local students, experience life in Australia and have fun!

Highlights include:

Leadership, Involvement & Volunteer Experience (LIVE)
The University of Melbourne is focused on developing educated, well-informed citizens who contribute to their communities wherever they choose to live and work. Located only at the University of Melbourne, the LIVE unit provides opportunities for leadership, community engagement and volunteering activities.  Students can search an online database of volunteer activities or attend training sessions on skills associated with volunteering.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
This internationally recognized Award program began in the UK in 1956 and now operates in more than 126 countries. Students meet with an advisor to develop goals and an “action plan” in four areas: Community Service, Adventurous Journey, Skill and Physical Fitness.  Students compete only against themselves, develop their personal leadership, impact community, have fun, meet locals, and become part of the Duke’s worldwide network

Clubs and Societies:  You can join a choir or musical ensemble, practice a foreign language, perform in or produce a theatre production, or learn anything from juggling to photography. One popular club (MUSEX) is run by local students who have studied abroad and plan fun activities to meet other students and experience Melbourne.

Sporting Facilities and Teams:  In addition to traditional gym facilities, students can join more than 40 affiliated sport clubs.  There are team sports such as basketball, rugby, soccer, underwater hockey; or individual activities ranging from mountaineering to snowboarding or scuba diving.

Community Involvement

While abroad, we recommend getting involved in your local community. It's an awesome way to meet locals, experience the true Australian culture, and create long lasting memories. From volunteering to festival-going, we challenge you to make the most of your international experience... See a sample of community involvement opportunities available in Melbourne or discover your own upon arrival!

You can explore your volunteer efforts in the semester by signing up for the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Conservation Volunteer Weekend.

Course Catalog

To determine if the classes you need are available at this university, select Courses/Subjects to view the specific course options.

Tips: For advice on navigating the university’s course catalog, use the Selecting Courses link. You may also view the suggested grade and credit transfer information through the Grade Conversion.

If you have any questions about course availability, please contact  

Photo Slideshow

Watch a slideshow of photos highlighting the University of Melbourne.


University of Melbourne
All fees listed are for first term onlyYear Abroad Advice
Program FeesTBD
Housing with MealsN/A
Housing without MealsApproximately $6,600 - $9,100
What's includedSee below

Fee Includes

Your Personalized Semester/Year Program Includes

  • Tuition and instruction
  • Host university activity and insurance fees
  • 24/7 support for students and parents at home and abroad
  • Pre-departure materials and travel gear 
  • Comprehensive assistance
  • Personal program manager
  • Scholarship and financial aid assistance
  • Facilitation of course selection / credit transfer

Activity and Excursion Package

Additional Housing Fee

Housing amenities are generally:

  • Single room
  • Technology package available
  • Linen package available

An additional refundable housing deposit may be required for your housing selection. This housing is self-catered, therefore you will have access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

*All fees are subject to change.



Should you receive an offer, your offer letter will provide you with the most up to date university start dates. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information as we receive it. Be sure to confirm dates before finalizing any travel plans. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the required GPA and have completed at least the equivalent of one year of full-time study at the university/college level.

Required GPA: 3.00

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Program Team

Program Manager
Katie Brooks

Program Assistant
Cory Parkinson

Advice From The Program Team:
The main campus at the University of Melbourne is located north of the central business district so students have easy access to all of the cultural and historical wonders of this city. There is a wide array of shops, cafes, theaters, museums and sporting events to add to the international experience students will have.