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Asia as the Global Future (4 weeks) - Summer or January Short Course


**Please note, this program will not be offered Summer 2014 but will be offered in Summer 2015.

GlobaLinks Leanring Abroad offers a summer study abroad program with the University of Hong Kong. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has designed this summer program with your individual student goals in mind. It is built around a unique Discovery Model which is delivered by some of the best staff in study abroad, both in the U.S. and overseas, in order to provide you with an individualized experience through discovery in 5 key areas: personal, academic, cultural, social, and career. Learn more about the Discovery Model

This unique and well structured undergraduate programme on Asian Studies aims at enhancing an awareness of the importance of Asia in world affairs. In so doing, it seeks to create an interactive learning environment where international students of high academic calibre combine knowledge acquired from lectures and seminars with an understanding of real world problems through field trips in Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul.

The abilities developed during this programme will facilitate team building, public speaking skills, as well as creativity and resourcefulness in problem-solving and research. This Institute also aims to improve students’ capacities to apply the materials and ideas to which they have been exposed to different settings and encourage a further interest in Asian affairs. With the program students travel to places such as Beijing, and Seoul.  

Asia as the Global Future



The Asia as the Global Future program is offered through the University of Hong Kong located in Hong Kong. During the program students will also travel to Beijing and Seoul, South Korea. 

Hong Kong is an international financial center with the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong is Asia’s most globally connected city. As one can imagine, business and commerce create a constant buzz in the city and the fast-paced pulse can be felt around the clock.

Learn more about Hong Kong.

Academic Highlights

Course Aims:

Asia as the Global Future provides a platform for students to engage in emerging Asia through participating in a four-week intensive study programme in different parts of Asia. This summer institute aims at enhancing students’ understanding of Asia and its connectedness with other parts of the world, as well as at enriching their international learning experiences.  In parallel with inspiring lectures, students will also be exposed to key issues in Asian affairs through a series of field trips in Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. Each of these field trips will also contain an academic component. Renowned businessmen, community leaders, and scholars will also be invited as guest speakers.

Course Description:

Asia as the Global Future aims at enhancing students’ awareness of the importance of Asia in the globalizing world according to the key themes:

  • Asia in the World
  • Economic Transformation and the Challenges of Growth
  • Politics and Human Well-being
  • Society, Culture and Heritage
  • Case Study: Burma / Myanmar

Learning Outcomes:

Students will spend four weeks in different parts of Asia: Hong Kong, Macau, the Mainland China and South Korea. By the end of these four weeks students will have gained a unique perspective on Asia through interacting with academics, government officials, community leaders, cultural practitioners and local people in selected Asian societies.

Upon completing the course, students should have:

  • Uderstood major issues related to social, cultural, economic and political developments in selected Asian societies in the context of reemerging Asia;
  • examined major critical challenges that these societies are confronting;
  • appreciated the complexity of social, cultural, economic and political developments in selected Asian societies; and
  • developed a better understanding of Asian Studies.

Course Details

The first two weeks will be an intensive introduction to Asian Studies in Hong Kong. HKU faculty, as well as members of other universities, the diplomatic community, leading business people and cultural practitioners, will be offering lectures on Northeast, Southeast, South Asian and West Asian affairs, as well as on issues that cut across these regions – such as human rights, popular culture, and business and economic development – according to the four themes mentioned above. Over the first weekend students will go to Macau for a very different experience of a post-colonial Chinese city. These lectures will be bolstered by a series of fieldtrips designed to extend the work covered in the lectures as well as give students a chance to enjoy the rich social and cultural environment that exists in Hong Kong.

In the third week students will fly to Beijing. During this time a series of lectures on China’s domestic development and its international challenges will be delivered, along with a series of fieldtrips of various academic and cultural interests. In the final week students will fly to Seoul, where they will stay at Korea University. Students will have a series of lectures on South Korea’s history, its political and economic modernisation and its social and cultural transformation. Students will also engage in a series of fieldtrips to understand the culture and history as well as the socio-economic and political developments of this country.


Want to learn more about study abroad in Hong Kong? 



1. Accommodation

Accommodation will be provided from June 23 to July 22, 2011 (30 nights). Students will be accommodated in the dormitory of The University of Hong Kong.

Room Allocation

Students will be assigned student dormitories on a share-room basis during the programme. Sharing your room with fellow students is a great way of getting to know people and making friends. In order to promote cross-cultural exchange, roommates will be assigned so that students from the same country are not rooming together as far as possible. We strongly encourage those students who have families in Hong Kong to stay at the dormitory. No fee deduction if you finally decide not to stay at the dormitory.

Check-in Arrangement

You are required to arrive on June 23, 2012 the latest. Please be reminded to let us know your flight details and arrival time in advance. A mentor will let you have your dorm key at the hall reception. You are prohibited to bring any guests to the Hall.

Check-out Arrangement

You are required to clear your room on the July 8 for the departure to Beijing. You may leave some luggage at the student hall upon the arrangement of the Faculty Office. You must check out before 12:00 noon on July 23 or otherwise you will be charged for an extra one-day’s lodging fee.

Hall Facilities

  • The dormitory has common rooms and recreational facilities. Simple room cleaning will be provided every week.
  • Each floor has its own pantry and is equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, hotplate, water boiler and drinking fountain.
  • Communal bathroom and toilet facilities are provided on each floor.
  • All rooms are air-conditioned and furnished with bed and mattress. NO need to bring pillows and linen. Each student is provided with a wardrobe, writing desk with lamp, chair and bookshelf.
  • No computer is available within the hall area. However, individual network point is provided in each room. Request for accessing the Internet in your room with your own notebook computer must be made at the Hall Office within office hours at least 30 minutes before the Hall Office closes. Two telephone lines are provided on each floor.
  • Coin-operated washing and drying machines are provided in the hall.

International Calls

No IDD facility is available within the hall area, however, you can make IDD calls instantly by prepaid phone cards which are available at the 24-hour convenient store nearby.

Daily Necessities

Sheets and blankets are provided in the hall, but you are reminded to prepare the daily necessities, including towels, body care and bath product, etc.

Electric Socket

The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50HZ, so you will need an adaptor for your 100-volt appliances and electrical equipment. The majority of electrical outlets in Hong Kong take a three-pronged plug. You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your equipment when you arrive in Hong Kong. 

2. Meals

The Institute will cover some meals during your studies and it will be up to students to ensure that they have sufficient funds to cover all other meals (including breakfast). You are recommended to include the daily meal expenditure in your budget. University canteens are available and a variety of restaurants/food stalls/coffee shops are also located nearby. For more information, please visit

Meals on Campus

Two major restaurants (Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre Restaurant and Union Restaurant) and three coffee shops (Starbucks, Oliver's Super Sandwiches and Pacific Coffee) are located on the main campus. Meal cost varies from around HK$20 to HK$40. In the student canteens, both Chinese and Western style menu are provided.

Off-campus Meals

Other than student canteens, a wide variety of restaurants, food stalls and coffee shops at reasonable price are also available. For example, McDonald’s and Chinese style restaurants are located within walking distance from the main campus.

Scholarships Available

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad strives to offer the most reasonable abroad fees to Asia.  To further enhance the affordability of the semester/year study abroad programs, we encourage you to apply for scholarships through all available scholarship sources.  Learn more about our scholarship opportunities.

Special Progams/Excursions

Study tours to Beijing, and Seoul will be arranged in order to enhance deeper understanding of local culture and multicultural interaction, local students will be invited to act as ambassadors for the students whilst in Hong Kong and during the study tours in China and Seoul.

Some of the field trips and activities you may participate in during the program include:

  • Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Korean Cultural Village
  • Beijing City Tour
  • Seoul City Tour
  • ...and much more

*Filed trips and activities are subject to change 


Want to learn more about study abroad in Hong Kong?


Enhance your Experience

Global Citizens Development Modules

The new Global Citizen Development modules are online learning components designed to help you explore your study abroad destination and experience at a whole new level. These modules are not mandatory, however we strongly encourage your participation as they will introduce you to the opportunities and challenges you may encounter when participating in a study abroad program, as well as expose you to cultural insights and knowledge about your host country to help make your program abroad even more successful and fulfilling. Through the 3 modules, you will refine your skills in cross-cultural observation, adaptation, and communication. 




Learn the Local Language!

Although English  is a common language in many GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program destinations, we recognize the need for basic communication in the host language. Therefore, all students will receive:  
  • LiveMocha - Prior to departure you will receive information and instruction for, LiveMocha, an online language learning program to help you learn your host language. Learn at varying levels and at your own speed. Get started now!
  • Lonely Planet Guide & Phrase Book - For both language learning and culture/history/country specific inforamton you will receive a Lonely Planet Guide and Phase book before departure, which will allow you to start planning your adventures and learning how to communicate with locals.
  • Additional Language Resources - To even further your language skill take a look at some of these optional language learning tools.


Being Prepared for your Time Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is there to help you through every step of the study abroad process! This includes making sure you are prepared for your time abroad! Due to the short length of the summer programs we are not able to offer our renowned multi-day orientation known as the Bridging Cultures Program. However we do still offer services that are tailored to helping you have the best experience possible. These include one-on-one pre-departure advising and group webinars prior your departure. The goal of the webinar is to help answer any final questions you may have and to fully prepare you for a summer of personal, social, academic, cultural, and professional Discovery!


Course Catalog

To determine if the classes you need are available at this university, select Courses/Subjects’ to view the specific course options.

 If you have questions about course availability, please contact


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Asia as the Global Future (4 weeks)
Program FeesTBD
Housing with Mealshousing included in program fees
Housing without Mealshousing included in program fees
What's includedSee below

Fee Includes

Your Personalized Summer/Short Course Program Includes

Tuition and instruction

Host university activity and insurance fees

24/7 support for students and parents at home and abroad

Pre-departure materials and travel gear


Comprehensive assistance

Personal program manager

Scholarship and financial aid assistance

Facilitation of course selection / credit transfer


HTH Worldwide health insurance protection

Alumni opportunities, including professional ambassador program

International Student Identity Card

Exclusive Career-Building Alumni Institute (add-on option)

Additional Housing Fee (if applicable)

Housing and some meals are typically included in the Summer/Short Course fee. This is noted above if included or the approximate housing range is provided. Housing amenities are generally:

Twin-Share room

Technology package available

Linen package available

An additional refundable housing deposit may be required for your housing selection. If housing does not include meals you will have access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

*All fees are subject to change.

Program Fees are in US dollars. Tuition, accommodation, health insurance, official transcript from University of Hong Kong, and program field trips (including air/bus/train transport between destinations during the course). International airfare to and from Hong Kong, meals, and personal expenses and excursions are an additional cost.


Should you receive an offer, your offer letter will provide you with the most up to date university start dates. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information as we receive it. Be sure to confirm dates before finalizing any travel plans. 
Summer 2015 - SummerApplication Deadline: March 15, 2015
Anticipated Departure
Start DateJune 15, 2015
End DateJuly 17, 2015
Mid Semester Break #1 -
Mid Semester Break #2 -

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have the required GPA and have completed at least the equivalent of one year of full-time study at the university/college level. Students with a lower GPA than the requirement may be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact our office for more information.

Required GPA: 2.50

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Program Team

Program Manager
Spencer Ellis
1-800-980-0033 x108

Program Assistant
Svetlana Peixotto

Resident Director
Aaron Clark

Resident Coordinator
Michelle Pardini