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About EuroScholars

We invite you to join a unique study abroad opportunity hosted by a group of internationally renowned European Research Universities. The EuroScholars program is designed for advanced undergraduate students, as well as postgraduates, looking for an international research experience.


Europe has a long and rich tradition of academic, hands-on research making this program a natural study abroad option. In this program, students will undertake one or two subjects in the classroom and then work under the direct supervision of professors and other academic staff on a specific academic research project chosen by both the student and faculty.


There are an abundance of academic research projects in a variety of fields to choose from within the participating universities. EuroScholars is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become familiar with the European academic culture and to investigate your potential in a future research career while enjoying the value of study abroad as an undergraduate student.


A word from our alumni

EuroScholars alumna, Idu Azogu (Rutgers University), shares her experiences studying abroad with EuroScholars. Idu participated in a research project at Leiden University in the Netherlands.



EuroScholars alumnus, David Greenberg (Rutgers University), speaks about his research. David participated in the EuroScholars program at Università degli Studi di Milano in Italy. 



Why Choose the EuroScholars Program?

The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in the research environment.


Participants learn about scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles related to the research area, and scholarly communication.


By finalizing the results of their research project in a paper of publishable quality, they will also have improved their writing and presentation skills.

Participating Institutions

The participating institutions are research-intensive universities, all internationally recognized for their outstanding research in numerous fields. All of the participating institutions are ranked in the top two percent of the 4,000 universities in all of Europe.

Academic Information

The program is comprised of a Language and Culture Course of the host country, an in-depth literature review on the chosen research topics, and the actual research project. Research can be done in a variety of fields, depending on the available places and the chosen university. >Read more about Course Information


While participation in an established academic research project is the primary feature of the EuroScholars program, some home universities may limit the amount of credit an undergraduate student can earn for research. Therefore, EuroScholars has adjusted its academic structure to accommodate for a more flexible program.


Participants can choose from one of the two program options (each totals 30 ECTS, which is equivalent to 15 U.S. semester credits):


Option 1 (higher research focus)

• 6 ECTS Language & culture course (classes + exam)

• 6 ECTS Methods & literature review (independent study)

• 18 ECTS Participation in research project including article/presentation (research)


Option 2 (research + coursework)*

• 6 ECTS Language & culture course (classes + exam)

• 6 ECTS Methods & literature review (independent study)

• 12 ECTS Participation in research project including article/presentation (research)

• 6 ECTS Elective course in the field of research (classes + exam)


*Option 2 is not possible at all universities or in all academic areas as it depends on availability of courses taught in English at the host institution.

Research Projects

The research opportunities in this program are specialized and very diverse, varying in nature by the host university. The EuroScholars website hosts a searchable database of all available research projects.


>Search the database for projects


Sample research project titles include:

  • How to make a fouling resistant nanofiltration membrane? (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Fact and Fiction in German Post-War Literature (Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Controlling and modeling the unfolding processes of food proteins (Milan, Italy)
  • Social Decision Making (Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • Molecular regulation of animal development (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Diversity in ageing labour markets and organisations (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
  • Finding key mechanisms of the destructive process in joints of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Light activation of the general stress response of Bacillus subtilis (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Transcript and Credit Transfer

A transcript of completion for this program will be provided by the host university where the program was undertaken. All grading and results are at the discretion of the faculty at the host university. We advise all students to have this program pre-approved for credit transfer at their home university prior to undertaking the experience.


>Learn more about the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

How to get more information

Visit the EuroScholars website at and first register your interest on the “Request Information” link. This will ensure you will receive all updates on the program including new research projects, scholarships, and other exciting news.


Advisors will receive news about the program and instructions for how to help students sign up for the EuroScholars opportunity.


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How to Apply

Click here to access the EuroScholars application and instructions. 


Read through the application process carefully and contact us at with any questions you may have.


Each year, the EuroScholars program offers several EuroScholar Awards in the amount of €500 each.


All participants with a 3.5 GPA are eligible and are automatically considered for an award upon acceptance to a EuroScholars research project. There is no additional application required.

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Ask an Alumni

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EuroScholars - Research Abroad in Europe
Program Fees9,500
Housing without Meals$4,000
What's includedSee below

Fee Includes

NOTE: The EuroScholars fee as listed above is in U.S. dollars. The actual fee is set at $13,500 including tuition at the host university, supervision of the research program, basic housing in an approved university housing facility, and a MidStay program at a major European city with the other EuroScholars students. Meals, travel, refundable housing deposits, visa costs, personal incidentals and textbooks are an additional cost. Financial aid for this program will need to be arranged through the home university, not the host university.


Should you receive an offer, your offer letter will provide you with the most up to date university start dates. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information as we receive it. Be sure to confirm dates before finalizing any travel plans. 

Entry Requirements

EuroScholars is looking for outstanding and motivated advanced undergraduate, honors or (post) graduate students with a strong interest in an academic/research career with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students do not need to have research experience, however, science students should have ample academic experience in a laboratory setting. Approval by both the host university and home university is required.

Required GPA: 3.40