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           Study Abroad Programs for Sports, Recreation, &
          Exercise Science Majors

Earn credits as a sports science major studying abroad!

With GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs, studying abroad will keep you on track academically. All of our programs provide English-speaking classes or work environments in a variety of academic areas, including sport management, sport and recreation, and exercise science. 

Whether you need classes for your major, minor, or electives, you can be confident you will earn credits toward your degree program. And, through our personalized counseling, we will ensure that you find the classes you need while abroad and are able to discover more academically. With the right program and proper planning, anyone can go abroad and still graduate on time.

What sports classes can I study abroad?


Anatomy and Physiology
Athletic Training
Exercise Science
Facility and Event Management
Kinesiology/Human Movement
Leisure Studies
Outdoor Leadership
Outdoor Recreation
Recreation Management
Sport Business
Sport Management
Sport Media/Journalism
Sport Nutrition
Sport Science
Sport Studies
Sport Tourism
Sport and Event Marketing
Surf Science


How One Basketball Intern Landed a Job in the NFL

Tad Dickman interned abroad in Sydney, Australia with Australia’s National Basketball League in the summer of 2011. He was a four-year starter on the men’s basketball team at the University of Mary Washington, where he earned an undergraduate degree in business administration.

Tad is now the Communications Coordinator for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars where he publishes weekly game releases that are used by local and national media and broadcast partners. Dickman reflects back on his GlobaLinks internship that got his sports career rolling.

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What types of programs are available for my sports major?

 Where can I take classes in my sports science major?


How does international experience give a competitive edge to sport and recreation science students?

Very few things in the world gel friendships and rivalries as much as sport. Whether professional or college sports in America, rugby in Ireland, cricket in New Zealand, soccer in China or “footie” in Australia, each country in the world is madly passionate about its national sports.

Sport is much more than just teams, players and fans; it’s about the business and marketing end, program and team management, facilities, coaching, health and wellness, exercise science, sports medicine and more.

That’s why a study abroad experience is tailor-made for college students majoring or studying in these areas. Whether you want to work for a sports team, a league, a rehabilitation facility or as a coach or trainer, studying or interning abroad will make a huge difference in the opportunities available to you when you go to graduate.  

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In a Student's Words...

"I was nervous at first about study abroad, but I learned that I can survive on my own just fine. I am now confident about myself and my actions around others. I feel more socially directed and this experience has made me more outgoing and less shy. I have become more culturally educated, not just about Australia but about many parts of the world. I am more open minded about society and the world as a whole."

- K. Domschot, Albion College