Global Gab

Welcome to "Global Gab" - Conference Chats with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad on Key Issues and Programs

These sessions are small-group, short, informative meetings facilitated by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad staff featuring overviews of destinations and programs offered through our office. The interactive sessions are designed to help in your advising of students about varied program types, academic focus and global destinations.

All sessions will take place at the Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown Marriott, 1128 West Hastings, one block southwest of the convention center, in the Hospitality Suite, Room 2206.

Please select from the below and we look forward to seeing you.

For questions please contact Steve Luther or Melissa Galvagni.

Introduction to Curriculum Integration: Increase Study Abroad Participation by Academic Specialty
Curriculum integration is one of the hot topics in international education right now, and is here to stay. At this session attendees will learn what curriculum integration is (and is not), how to undertake a project on campus, new strategies for discussions with academic departments, and further details about an innovative Curriculum Integration Partnership model implemented by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad.
Steve Luther, Manager of Faculty and Academic Outreach, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Undergraduate Research Study Abroad in Europe – The EuroScholars Program
The EuroScholars Program is a unique study abroad opportunity available to advanced and talented undergraduate and postgraduate students looking for international research experience. An overview of the program will include research project availability, academic structure of the semester, application procedures and scholarship information.
Mona Miller, Director of EuroLearn and EuroScholars U.S., GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Nanda de Bruin, Associate Director International and EuroScholars European Coordinator, Leiden University, the Netherlands

Crisis Management: Lessons Learned from New Zealand and Japan
The past year allowed plenty of opportunity to test an emergency action plan from the natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan. At this session, we will discuss the lessons learned from these events, what we have determined are our absolute standards, the struggles and importance of communication and concrete action plans during these times.
Kathryn Olinger: Director of Admissions, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Kelli Modica: Manager, AsiaLearn Programs; GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Internships in Shanghai: Helping Students Create Their Own Fortune
The 21st Century is projected to be the Asian Century due to population growth and economic forecasts. Asia is a power-house in the fields of business, politics, education, and the sciences yet few North American students choose to intern in this region. Through this session we will discuss the internship opportunities available to students in these fields, how internships in Asia help students further their career goals and address misconceptions such as a need for language skills, etc.
Michael Swift, Director, On-site Program Management, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Kelli Modica, Manager, AsiaLearn Programs, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

Semester Abroad on a Shoestring Budget: Highlighting Program Options Under $10,000
As a result of the Global Financial Crisis, students’ desire for affordable study abroad options is higher than ever, yet many students and even advisors are unaware of the numerous budget-friendly programs available to them. This session will explore multiple semester options that are exciting and unique, yet still easy on the wallet. From Kingston University on the outskirts of London, to the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, the opportunity for an affordable semester abroad still remains within reach. We will provide an overview of all semester options with a program fee under $10,000, as well as discuss the myriad scholarship opportunities available to students through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, the Foundation for Global Scholars, and our overseas partner universities.
Michael Creech, Regional Director, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Melissa Galvagni, Regional Director, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad