Why use a Program Provider?

It’s simple.

The best blend of academic and cultural integration, student services, and cost is often found through partnerships with organizations that specialize in education abroad program development, logistics, and services.

International Education Organizations who facilitate direct enrollment at international universities offer knowledge, experience, and support that complement and align with services of both the home institution and host university. In addition to providing structure, guidance, and support to students, they serve as a liaison between home and host university and provide a number of value-added services.

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Choosing an International Education Organization or Provider to Work With

Keep in mind not all international education organizations are alike. There are many program models with different strengths that should be evaluated carefully based on the attributes that your university and students deem the most important. When comparing International Education Organizations / Program Providers, you should inquire about the following:
  • Process for facilitating admission and course enrollment
  • Liability and risk management
  • Insurance coverage for the activities of the organization and students
  • Emergency response plan
  • Student Code of Conduct contract
  • Integration through immersion in the host culture
  • Health and safety knowledge based on history and in-country expertise
  • Housing and meal (board) options
  • Transportation assistance (international and domestic)
  • Visa, passport and insurance knowledge, contracts and procurement
  • In-country orientation, support services, and programming
  • Transcript issuance and credit interpretation upon completion of study
  • Student registration with the nearest United States or Canadian Embassy
  • Post-experience evaluations and re-entry programs
  • Billing and foreign currency fluctuation controls
  • Financial planning assistance, scholarship monies, and budgeting advice
  • 24-hour emergency access for students, parents, and advisors
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