The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Difference

Our Staff and Experience

We have an amazing team

For more than 20 years, we have been working to send over 25,000 students abroad each year. We have an amazing team of over 60 staff worldwide who run and manage all programs and services, we approach our job of sending students abroad with professionalism, enthusiasm, and a specific focus on each student's individual goals for study abroad. And, while we may send over 3,000 students abroad each year, we are still a small family. You should feel confident in knowing that we are one of the most trusted sources for international programming for over 1,000 North American colleges and universities each year.

We have so many options for students that we are confident we can find the right program for each individual!

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, formerly AustraLearn, AsiaLearn, and EuroLearn, offers an abundance of study abroad programs worldwide. Students may want study and live abroad on a semester or year program, complete an internship to strengthen their resume, attend a short-term program during an academic break periods, complete a research project at an overseas campus, or earn your entire degree abroad. We offer over 125 different programs, so there is truly something for everyone.

We are involved

We participate in Education Abroad through well-known organizations in the national and international scenes and especially through presence in NAFSA: Association of International Educators, The Forum on Education Abroad, and the Canadian Bureau for International Education. Our International Council of North American advisors provides ongoing oversight of our work, and our creation of and support to the Foundation for Global Scholars ensures our students going abroad gain financial scholarships for their programs in addition to the scholarships we provide for all of our destinations.

We are recognized for what we do

In addition to being awarded the Small Business of the Year award in 2009 by the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad was ranked 7th out of 100 top women-owned organizations in Colorado in 2009, and its Executive Director named one of the top 3 business leaders in the state in 2008.

We Focus on Students as Individuals

This experience is all about the individual student and his/her goals. We approach each student as an individual and will work with them on a personalized level. We will:

  • We will help determine the right program match.
  • Assign a personal counselor: Our staff have studied abroad, are experts on the programs which they advise, and our participants will always have our personal attention. 
  • Help with academic planning including subject selection and credit transfer
  • Find the most suitable accommodations to fit the individual's lifestyle.
  • Provide advice and support for any special Interests or needs
  • Assist with all aspects of budget planning, payment plans, financial aid transfer, and a wide range of scholarship options.

The Discovery Model

Our Discovery Model is a framework we have implemented in order to provide activities while abroad that enhance student discovery in each of the 5 areas of discovery: Academic, Social, Professional, Cultural, and Personal. Our on-site staff members develop planned activities and suggest individual activities that students can undertake during their time abroad. These are typically activities that cannot be found in a guide book - they are sourced through the local knowledge of our Resident Coordinators. Learn more about the Discovery Model and see sample activities>

Enhanced Student Experience

The end result of how we do our work is that our participants have an experience that is simply better because we were a part of it. They develop in the 5 areas of discovery and they grow as individuals - which staying safe and secure throughout their time abroad. Don't take our word for it -  meet students who recognize the impact that studying abroad through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has had on their lives>