Arranging for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Staff to Visit Your Campus

An integral component of building a partnership with your campus is for us to visit your campus to meet with you and your staff. Our role is to assist you in promoting the international initiatives of your campus through the extensive program offerings available to your students, the development of relationships with faculty, and to understand the needs of your office and provide recommendations and resources. We employ an experienced and qualified staff of professionals throughout the United States who are known as Regional Directors. The visits are arranged through these individuals, but depending on the specific desired outcome GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is equipped with years of experience with our GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Directors, plus within our Institutional Relations team, including expertise on curriculum integration, custom programs and many more opportunities.

We partner with four-year, two-year, public, and private colleges and universities. It does not matter how big or small, urban or rural you are. We are particularly pleased that not only do we visit the large institutions, but also the small and out of the way because we believe every college campus is important and all students deserve the opportunity to learn about and participate in education abroad experiences. There are a number of different types of campus visits that we can arrange as detailed below. Contact the Regional Director for your state to organize a visit to your campus.


Education Abroad Fair 

An education abroad fair is an opportunity to showcase to your students, faculty, and administration the available program options organized through your office. Depending on the international initiatives on your campus, the fair’s primary audience will probably be students. It is an occasion where students can see the wealth of options available to them.

We will be enthusiastic supporters of your education abroad events on campus, and look forward to supporting your efforts at promoting international education. There are excellent guidelines available through NAFSA, including the Marketing Best Practices for an Education Abroad Fair to assist in planning for you the event. We will do everything we can to attend your event, but it does help to have approximately four months notice so we can plan accordingly.


Classroom Presentations 

A classroom presentation is normally scheduled in the first or last 5-10 minutes of a class. The focus of the presentation is a general overview of education abroad or some specific program options for an academic area, plus highlights of the benefits of partnering with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. As there is a wealth of teaching happening on any given day, the presentations can vary in focus from international relations, business, history or the wealth of other stellar academic offerings on your campus. This is a great occasion to deliver a quick message to students and faculty regarding the potential options. The purpose is to promote active thinking of an international experience being part of their academic career, plus an opportunity for faculty to become aware of potential custom program options for professional development and enhancement of the learning outcomes of their students. The planning time for this is dependent on the openness of your faculty. As the presentations are short and typically without multimedia, these can be a simple add-on to a visit developed for a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad staff member for the day.


Faculty Meetings (Curriculum Integration)

Depending on the administrative and academic structure of your institution there are various paths to engage with faculty. At GlobaLinks Learning Abroad we find there needs to be a strong understanding of study abroad and the relationship between the education abroad office and the faculty to allow for the success of curriculum integration. The overarching purpose of curriculum integration is to internationalize the professional degree program at the undergraduate level. By building upon the students’ learning outcomes you can then ask faculty what they want their students to learn and experience while abroad, plus how this coursework will enhance their undergraduate experience.

Our process will complement the international initiatives of your campus as the Regional Director will work with you to develop a Curriculum Integration Partnership. The relationship will streamline the approval process of curriculum, plus encourage greater levels of participation in an international experience from your students. As the faculty recognizes the value of study abroad this could lead to the development of a custom program by a faculty member. With over 20 years of experience we will be able to assist with custom designed short courses and internships opportunities. There is a significant amount of research required before one can be prepared to meet with faculty, so we’d ask for a minimum of one month notice so the proper information can be gathered.


Information Tables 

An information table can be hosted in the student union, cafeteria or any high traffic location on your campus. Students can ask general and specific questions, plus a table provides visibility on campus. The length of a tabling event is usually last 3-4 hours, generally over the lunch period, or in the evening depending on your campus.


Information Sessions 

An information session highlights the programs and services of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad. This can be coupled with a general advising session with your office, or on its own. The session could be focused on a specific geographical area or a particular program/area of academic study. These sessions can be as long (or as short) as you'd prefer, and can be with or without multimedia.


Pre-Departure Sessions 

When the time comes each semester for your students to depart, we want to be there as a resource for you. So that you can have your students as prepared for their experience as possible, we can assist you by holding pre-departure sessions for your students on campus or via webinar. These pre-departure sessions will be led by our highly-trained and experienced enrollment services staff, all of whom have studied abroad before, and will speak to your students with both the experience and enthusiasm that comes from their own adventures abroad.