STA Partnerships

Our Partner in Travel

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is pleased to introduce our travel partner, STA Travel.  STA Travel is a reputable global travel specialist with over 30 years of experience offering excellent service oriented assistance on affordable travel options.  We are confident STA Travel can and will provide the support and advice our students and families need in making their travel arrangements.

Flight Arrangements

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad works closely with STA Travel in setting up group flights or suggested itineraries for students on our programs.  STA Travel offers students affordable airfares, ticket flexibility, stopover options, and tour options.  There is no reason to consider any other option but going through STA Travel who will support students through every step of their travel arrangements. 

Group Flight Benefits through STA Travel:

  • Ticket Flexibility: Students are able to make date and routing changes for a small fee. Students who also book departure from their hometown through to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji are allowed the international weight limit for their luggage.
  • Affordable Stopovers: For as little as $200 students can add stopovers to their return flights. These deals pertain to students booking their stopovers before departure. Additional charges will apply if you choose to add a stopover upon arrival.
  • Scholarships: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is given 10 airline ticket vouchers to award to our program participants. Students who complete the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad scholarship application and book the group flight will be eligible for these vouchers.

Suggested Itineraries, Individual Tickets & STA Travel Support:

  • For programs where group flights are not available, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad will provide suggested itineraries so students arrive at their study abroad destination at the required time and date. 
  • Students will make travel arrangements through access to travel resources and logistical support from STA Travel. Flights booked on an individual basis (outside of group flights) will have different rules and regulations from group flights.  

Travel Insurance

While travel insurance may be one of the last things to consider, it is one of the most important aspects of planning for travels abroad. We hope that everything goes smoothly, however, unexpected interruptions can occur including flight delays or cancellations due to weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.  STA Travel offers worldwide international travel insurance through the Travel Protection policy. Some of the inclusions of this Travel Protection policy are trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and baggage and personal effects protection.  Students can purchase travel insurance when they make their travel arrangements through STA Travel.

STA Tours

As an advisor you may be asked about what travel opportunities are available for your students. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participants can choose from travel tours with a variety of different focuses and locations through STA Travel.  Click here to learn more about tours offered in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, click here to learn more about what tours are available in Asia, or click here to learn more about tours throughout Europe. Examples of tours include diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, trekking through the Himalayas, and exploring Eastern Europe.