On-Site Services and Support

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Resident Directors and Resident Coordinators provide on-site support to your students throughout the education abroad experience. Students deserve the best on-site care and, while we fully support the philosophy of cultural integration and utilization of the host program resources, your students will also have access to our own resident team who will provide the necessary student care, support and guidance. Our team is present with the students during our on-site Bridging Cultures Program and will work with your students during the semester as a resource for questions, concerns and emergencies.

Our on-site Resident Directors and Resident Coordinators work in conjunction with our U.S. office Program Teams providing the necessary support to help your students be successful during their program. Our staff abroad and the staff in the U.S. are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond in an emergency and will do so according to our emergency response plan.     

Pacific Region

The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad - Pacific Region office is the overseas office for all students studying in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. The main Pacific Region office is located in Rockhampton, Queensland and other regionally based staff members live in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle, Australia, as well as Wellington, New Zealand and Suva, Fiji. These staff members work together to provide all students with services and support while abroad. Meet the Pacific Region staff members>


GlobaLinks Learning Abroad provides bilingual support staff at each of our study abroad destinations in Asia. Our staff will meet participants upon arrival, conduct the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Program, and remain available to them throughout their term abroad to assist with any situation that requires attention and resources beyond the capability of the host institution. The appointed GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Resident Coordinator will monitor the progress of participants and develop opportunities for extracurricular cultural excursions and activities. Meet the Asia Team>


GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Coordinators in Europe provide 24-hour support to our students while abroad. We work collaboratively with our university partners to compliment the resources available at the host university and ensure that assistance is available in times of need and crisis. Meet the Europe Staff>