Bridging Cultures Program - Multi-day, In-country Orientations and Workshops

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad believes the best way to learn is to experience the culture first-hand, which is why we offer multi-day, in-country Bridging Cultures Programs as a core component of the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad study abroad experience. These programs allow students to jump right into the fun and excitement of their host country, while still getting the support and knowledge they need for an independent learning experience.

The Bridging Cultures Program is designed specifically for semester abroad, academic year abroad, and internship abroad students. Each Bridging Cultures Program blends lecture, adventure, and culture together for an informative and fun introduction to the host country. Our Bridging Cultures Programs include:
The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Bridging Cultures Programs vary in location, duration, and purpose, but each Bridging Cultures Program aims to:
  • help students to meet other students studying or interning abroad in the same location
  • introduce students to the local culture, including the language/lingo, food, traditions, and more
  • encourage students to reflect on their goals and expectations for living abroad
  • prepare students for being healthy and safe in their host country
  • inform students of cultural and academic differences they may experience
  • offer students with a fun and memorable adventure
  • provide initial support and advice from trained site leaders and support staff
The cost of the Bridging Cultures Program (including most meals, accommodation, transport, and excursions) is included in the program fees for GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participants.

The Bridging Cultures Program in for Semester or Year Abroad in Australia or New Zealand is also open to non - GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participants, including students studying abroad through direct enrollment or another program. Please contact our office for more information.