Direct Billing Arrangement Programs - Information for Advisors

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers a variety of billing options for you and your students. You have the option of entering into one of three Direct Billing Arrangements and/or having your students pay us directly for their program and/or housing expenses. By offering various options we are able to best meet your needs and those of your students. 

Standard Billing Process Applicable to Students

All participants applying to attend a GlobaLinks Learning Abroad program are required to make an initial payment within one week of acceptance into the program. Approximately 75 days prior to the program start date, we will send a physical billing statement to the student’s permanent address. The student is also able to view the billing statement via their GlobaLinks Learning Abroad MyLearn account. The student is able to view the Payment Schedule and make payments online at any time.  Payments can also be made via credit card by calling the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad office or mailing payments to the Colorado office of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad.

Note: In the event your University enters into a Direct Billing Arrangement you are expected to make payment to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad within 45 days of the invoice date.

Direct Billing Arrangements

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers U.S. universities and colleges the ability to enter into a direct billing arrangement whereby we will bill all or a portion of the program and/or housing fees to the University directly.  Students become aware of the particular arrangement we have with your University at the time they are accepted into one of our programs.  The information provided to students at the time of acceptance explains what portion of the fees will be billed to and paid by their home university, and which portion they are directly responsible to pay to GlobaLinks Learning Abroad.

If your University is interested in entering into a Direct Billing Arrangement, please contact the Finance Team.

Students Using Financial Aid/Deferred Payments Plans

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad realizes that many students rely on financial aid sources to fund their education. As a benefit to students receiving financial aid, GlobaLinks allows eligible financial aid recipients to defer payment of approved funding until it is disbursed by the home university. 

If a student is using financial aid and wishes to have some of his or her payments to us deferred, the student and the appropriate office must complete the Financial Aid Disbursement Form and return it to the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad office as soon as possible. This form indicates the amount of financial aid that will apply to the student’s program fees and the exact date of disbursement. If the student is approved to have deferred payments, the payments they need to make are shown on the Payment Schedule.

Payment Schedule Applicable to Students (PDF)
Refund Policy Applicable to Students (PDF)