GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Alumni and
Re-entry Services

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has an understanding that upon return from a summer, semester, internship, or degree overseas, our students deserve support and guidance in the re-entry process. We offer a variety of re-entry support services including transcript assistance, reverse culture shock information, program evaluations, and information about going abroad again to name a few.
Beyond re-entry support services, we also offer our alumni the unique opportunity to stay involved with their experience abroad as well as other alumni and the International Education Field through a series of programs and activities. We’ve developed an Alumni Program available to all GlobaLinks Learning Abroad participants upon return home from their abroad experience. Feel free to read more about our Alumni Ambassador, Street Team, and Alumni of the Year programs within our For Alumni section of the website.

Alumni Handbook

All GlobaLinks Learning Abroad alumni receive our customized handbook upon return from their time abroad. The handbook serves as a guide to maximizing their overseas experience once they are home. It includes information on the following:
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Sharing their experience (writing opportunities, promoting study abroad on their campus)
  • Incorporating their experience into their career search (including a sample resume and cover letter)
  • Going abroad again (work, intern, volunteer, teach, and grad school abroad)


Alumni Newsletter 

A quarterly newsletter is sent to all GlobaLinks Learning Abroad alumni with information pertinent to them in their various stages of re-entry. We include opportunities to get involved in the field of International Education as well as the global community, tips pertaining to using their experience when looking for a job or applying to grad school, current events, student highlights, information about our overseas destinations and much more. Our alumni find the newsletter a very valuable resource and plenty of effort is put in to creating a high quality resource for our alumni.

Photo submitted by AustraLearn Alumna Kelsey Moser Photo submitted by AustraLearn Alum Andrea Tempalis